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Fleece vests: versatile, warm and comfortable
On a morning trail run over hilly terrain or other sporting activities where you need warmth but full freedom of movement for the arms, a fleece vest is ideal. Running weather doesn't get much better than when it's sunny, almost windless, and dry. This is exactly when we need a garment that doesn't restrict freedom of movement at the arms but still keeps the upper body warm. They're also perfect for wearing in your free time when gardening or camping. A fleece vest also works very well under a hardshell as a warming layer. It stores heat very well and is not only soft on the outside, but also feels very soft on the skin and is breathable, to boot.

Fleece & Wool Vests

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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
Aclima ReBorn Terry Vest Men navy melange
Aclima ReBorn Terry Vest Men navy melange navy melange
ReBorn Terry Vest Men navy melange
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Aclima ReBorn Terry Vest Men dark grey melange
Aclima ReBorn Terry Vest Men dark grey melange dark grey melange
ReBorn Terry Vest Men dark grey melange
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Fleece & wool vests collection

Looking for a stylish, warm vest to add to your wardrobe? Look no further than fleece and wool vests! These clothing types are the best options for sports and outdoors because they're versatile and comfortable in the freezing weather.

Whether you're in the market for a casual vest or something that can be dressed up for a morning run, Addnature has you covered. Curious to know more about these vests? Read on to learn more!

Choosing the right fleece & wool vests

When it comes to keeping warm during cold weather sports, nothing beats a fleece or wool vest. These garments are made of fabrics designed to trap air and heat. This makes them excellent choices for outdoor athletes who need warmth and cosiness while they're active in the frosty conditions.

In addition to being effective at trapping heat and preventing cold weather conditions from taking over, these vests are stylish as well. This makes them popular among athletes who want to look their best while enjoying the winter weather.

Versatile function

Fleece & wool vests come in a variety of unique features, which include:

  • 2-way zipper
  • With reflectors
  • Zip-in function to make jacket an inner jacket
  • Zipper with chin protection

There are also wind-resistant options, which is why they're perfect for winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, skating, and even biking. Beside, they provide good thermal insulation, so you'll stay warm even if the wind kicks up in gusts.

Overall, fleece and wool vests are an excellent choice for winter sports when you want something to keep you warm yet with plenty of breathing room.

Exciting options

Fleece & wool vests come in a number of styles and colours. Hence, you're sure to find one that fits your needs. Furtehemore. Addnature has vests from reputable brands like VAUDE, Patagonia, Regatta, Ivanhoe of Sweden, The North Face, and so to meet demand. When choosing one, be sure to get your size correct. All sizes are available on the website.

With recycled and skin-friendly fabrics featuring plenty of pockets, vests from brands like Patagonia offer outstanding pieces for adults. Vests for kids from companies like VAUDE come with extra protection in places like the collar area, and are lightweight and easy to take care of.

The fleece and wool combination works wonders. The vests are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to care for. Get some new fleece or wool vests today at Addnature.