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WOHO X-Touring

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WOHO X Touring


WOHO Bike is a touring bicycle company founded in 2006. The company sells its bicycles worldwide. Moreover, WOHO Bike offers a wide range of touring bicycles for different budgets. The company also offers many accessories, such as cycling and outdoor gear.

About WOHO X Touring

Addnature provides 22 WOHO X Touring products. Moreover, the products are in two categories. These are Cycling and sales.

Categories of WOHO X Touring


WOHO X Touring cycling products include:

  • Almighty cup holder
  • WOHO X touring dry bags: These bags are light and made of high-quality materials; therefore, they are durable. Additionally, WOHO X touring dry bags come in various sizes to fit your needs.
  • Accessory bags
  • WOHO X touring frame bags: These bags are convenient for carrying things on long rides. Moreover, they are waterproof and have plenty of room for storage. Additionally, they have several pockets and compartments for organizing items.
  • Top tube bags

Cycling products help improve the performance of cyclists. They provide better bike handling, increased speed, and improved safety.


In addition, the sales products are also similar to those of the cycling category. Both categories of products improve the cycling experience for customers.

Features of the products


Woho X touring cycling products come in a variety of sizes. For example, the frame bags are available in three sizes. Their sizes are in terms of volume. Smaller bags and pouches are great for carrying essentials while on the go. Larger products, such as bike racks and storage containers, provide extra space for larger or multiple items.


WOHO X touring products come in black and grey. The colours are mostly black and grey because they are easy to match and look good together. Additionally, black and grey are neutral colours that go well with any outfit.

Material type

WOHO X touring cycling products consist of durable, waterproof, high-quality, and wear-resistant materials. Most cycling bags have their inner surfaces made of polyester. This ensures stains do not stick on the bag.

Consequently, the products are able to withstand the rigours of long-term use. For example, WOHO X touring frame bags have duraflex buckles for extreme weather conditions. Additionally, they provide cyclists with the protection and performance they need.

Overall, the Woho X Touring brand has a high rating by customers for its quality cycling products. Its comfortable and easy-to-use products have made it a top choice for cyclists. Lastly, Woho X Touring's products last long, making it a good investment for cyclists.