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Swimsuits: streamlined swimsuits for worry-free watersports
A swimsuit is the best choice for most swimmers. It's streamlined for the least possible resistance and made of durable, comfortable materials. Special back designs offer good freedom of movement for your shoulders and mean you avoid annoying sliding shoulder straps. In addition to being great for swimming, swimsuits and bathing suits are also ideal for surfing and other water sports. Now you just have to choose which you like best.

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Guide to Buying Swimsuits

Even if it’s still the middle of winter, having a good-fitting, attractive swimsuit is extremely important. If you’ve decided on a style, have a good idea of your size and body shape as well as what colour to buy, choosing a swimsuit is relatively straightforward. However, for the uninitiated, finding the right swimsuit can be a daunting task. If you fall into the latter category, this guide to buying a swimsuit should make your life a lot easier.

Patterns and colours

A good place to start when deciding which swimsuit to buy is which kind of print or colour to go for. Swimsuits come in almost any colour/pattern imaginable, from colourful Aztec-inspired patterns, nautical styles and floral prints to plain old black or white.

Busy patterns can look great on some people but less flattering on others. Bear in mind that solid black swimsuits can look both elegant while also flattering your figure. Also think about where you plan to wear your swimsuit – some styles might be more appropriate for different situations and destinations.

What style of swimwear suits your body best?

Swimsuits fall into six broad body-shape categories: pear, apple, diamond, hourglass, full bust and straight.

  • Swimsuits for pear body shapes
  • Women with a pear-shaped body usually look for a swimsuit that provides more coverage at the thighs and hips. This is both flattering and slimming, and draws attention towards the bust.

  • Swimsuits for diamond shapes
  • Look for styles that have a wide belt across the middle. These swimsuits are flattering and make the waist appear narrower. You can also search for pleats on the side or contrast-colored panels for a more slimming effect.

  • Swimsuits for apple shapes
  • Women with an apple-shaped figure should look for a swimsuit with a wide or halter neck which adds length to the torso and draws attention away from the hips. We also recommend floral patterns over horizontal stripes.

  • Swimsuits for hourglass figures
  • Women with hourglass figures can get away with wearing any type of swimsuit. If you have an hourglass figure and want to accentuate your curves, avoid swimsuits with loud patterns on them – this will only draw attention away from your figure.

  • Swimsuits for straight shapes
  • Women with straight figures should look for styles that highlight their slim figure and help create slight curves. If you want more curves, invest in high-waisted pants that come up to your waist or triangular tops that accentuate your smaller bust.

  • Swimsuits for full-bust shapes
  • Women with a large bust should look for a swimsuit that offers support in the chest area. If you want to add volume at your lower half to match your bust, go for a frilled pant to add a slight flare.

Get the most out of your swimsuit

It’s important that you get the best out of your swimsuit. When purchasing a new suit, make sure you search for styles that are made with thicker material or chlorine resistant material. This makes the suit last longer, especially if you love to spend a lot of time on the beach or the pool. Also take proper care of your swimsuit by rinsing thoroughly after using it, hand wash it in cold water, use a mild detergent and do not soak it in bleach. Also avoid tumble drying and ironing your swimsuit.

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