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Skylotec – Protects people from falling
When it comes to moving up high at work or in your free time, you can rely on SKYLOTEC’s outstanding fall protection. This family business was founded in 1947 in Neuwied and has since become recognised as a world leader in safety systems for sports and industry. For decades, mountaineers have relied on their extensive and innovative product range of ropes, harnesses, via ferrata sets, helmets, carabiners, slings and much more.


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They are a well-known manufacturer of high-quality industrial and sports climbing equipment. In Europe, its climbing equipment is well-known among serious climbers and at-height professionals. Their harnesses, carabiners, descenders, ropes, and anchoring devices are all unique, comfortable, and OSHA and ANSI compliant.

We expect that these goods will become popular among those who operate at high altitudes for a livelihood. They are incredibly well-made, and since they also manufacture sporting equipment, the gear looks fantastic. Not that you're going to worry about it at 7 a.m. on a frigid Monday morning.

Skylotec (formerly known as Eduard Kaufmann) was founded in 1948 to manufacture safety harnesses and rescue baskets for mine rescue operations. The firm has grown into global markets throughout the years. However, they have always focused on high performance and technically advanced equipment.

Product Authenticity

Skylotec products have been rigorously tested and intelligently designed. Skylotec's harnesses prioritise utility above anything else. Harnesses like the Tower Pro Harness protect the climber without getting in the way. With its smart padding and seemingly simple design, the Tower Pro Harness is one of the most comfortable full-body harnesses on the market.

Skylotec does not aim to produce the same items as other personal protective equipment (PPE) producers. The design of the lanyards, Skylotec helmets, carabiners, and other devices reflects this idea. They have a unique look, are made with the latest materials, and feel strong and reliable in your hand.

Skylotec Lanyards

The Shockyard Flex V lanyard is an excellent example. The two steel rebar hooks on this twin-leg lanyard have big 2-1/4 in. gate apertures. Their offset connection point makes it simpler to grasp the gate opening mechanism, and the lanyard itself is thin compared to many shock-absorbing lanyards. It also features a slick black sheath that snags less and slides more easily over uneven places. All while being very tough and dependable.

We believe that they are things that construction professionals, tower climbers, cell technicians, wind energy technicians, and sign professionals will become extremely connected to.

Skylotec Harnesses

The popular high-quality arborist harness is now available in the trendy Ignite style. This workhorse among arborist harnesses excels in toughness and sturdiness, especially while carrying large tools or equipment such as chainsaws. Its design includes a unique sliding bridge that enables it to be quickly changed as required without the need for tools or extra fasteners. A simple threading procedure and a wear indicator decrease the danger significantly. The waist harness may be fitted as a full harness and hence certified to EN 361 by adding the extra Ignite arb top.