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NRS Bill´s Wetsuit Jacket Men black
NRS Bill´s Wetsuit Jacket Men black black
Bill´s Wetsuit Jacket Men black
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NRS: Kayak Gear, Raft Supplies, SUPs & Boating Equipment

At the point when a hopeful business educator named Bill Parks set out in 1972 to demonstrate that the standards he instructed in the study hall could work in reality, he experienced no difficulty choosing what sort of startup to dispatch. Bill was a stream sprinter, and he needed to help other people appreciate the game he'd come to cherish to such an extent. Beginning with $2,000 from his investment funds, he loaded a stock of sailing gear in his carport and composed the principal Northwest River Supplies inventory

NRS kayak

What products does the company NRS have to offer?

We are glad to give the best gear and clothing to paddlers in Europe. We welcome you to investigate our total European choice of inflatable pontoons and SUPs, dry suits, cags, water shoes, rowing gloves, buoyancy aid, dry sacks, kayak extras and water salvage supplies.

NRS Kayak gear

Our kayak rigging and frill permits you to be in nature and on the water serenely, securely and all the more regularly. Having a decent kayak isn't sufficient. To flourish, you’ll need the best kayaking gear which included life jackets, paddles, lubricants as well as inflatable kayaks. In addition to that, we also offer NRS raft supplies which include line bags, cargo nets, river drop bags, straps for securing your load which come in different sizes as well as coolers.

NRS SUPs & boating equipment

Paddlers have coordinated SUP into truly the entirety of the world’s water bodies. From SUPing on quiet inland lakes to moving whitewater streams to miles seaward in the vast sea, board materials and human aptitudes are continually advancing to address the difficulties introduced by this mainstream type of rowing. We recognize that SUP is one of the quickest developing open air entertainment exercises and that's why we have come up with gears and accessories which include leashes, stand up paddles, board bags, covers, dog puddles, paddle holders as well as paddle boat carts. Additionally, our aim is to make your boating experience more fun but offering accessories such as boat sponges, dry pants, repair kits, lightweight anchors, boat lines, boat cleaners and boat carts.