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Tent Attachment Accessories

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A tent is a home away from home for outdoor enthusiasts. However, even with the right tent, you will need to replace or buy tent attachment accessories every now and again, to keep you comfortable and cosy while camping under the stars. Addnature has a full collection of add-ons for anything you may need. From roof protectors, and tent carpets to tent spares, we've got you (literally) covered.

Our collection of tent attachments accessories are manufactured by leading brands in the industry. Currently, our products are sourced from over twenty credible brands. Here are some of the tent attachment accessories currently in stock:

Tent spares

Whether you seek to replace or add more tent spares such as tent pegs, poles, and ground anchors, our collection has all you need. We have a wide range of sizes from many tent manufacturers, to match up perfectly with whatever tent type you have. Other tent set-up accessories include aluminium cord tensioners, mini hook and ring sets and end caps for fibreglass poles.

Tent carpets

Even the best tents need a little home improvement once in a while. Tent carpets offer better waterproofing as well as protecting your tent floor from damage. Each tent carpet, often simply a tarp, comes in matching dimensions to fit the tent size perfectly. Apart from tarps, fleece carpets are also available. These offer added home comforts and insulated surfaces.

Mosquito nets

These are camping essentials every outdoor enthusiast needs. Mosquito nets come in all shapes and sizes, doubles and singles.

Tent organizers

To keep your tent nice and tidy, the tent organizer is a very handy add-on. With this object, you get different compartments in which to store things that you use frequently.

Roof protectors

To ensure your tent remains waterproof, a roof protector is an essential accessory. In addition to water proofing, roof protectors also shield your tent from harmful UV degradation. It also prevents staining from tree sap and bird droppings.

Universal awnings

Tents don't have to be tightly squeezed with universal awnings available. These tent extension are easy to pitch and offer a sturdy shelter in all weather conditions. The awnings are designed with zipped openings that can be opened for ventilation. They also feature large windows to keep the space well lit.

Inner tents

Several inner tents are available. These are designed to fit certain tent models and awnings and create more private sleeping spaces or storage compartments inside huge tents. For convenience, inner tents come with cable glands in order to have access to the power supply.

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