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Awnings & Canopies

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Awnings & Canopies

Awnings & canopies are crucial hiking and camping equipment. They add extra space and safety for overall gear. So, let's take a look at what makes a suitable piece. Also, we'll figure how to find the right ones for your upcoming camping adventures. Read on.

Features of a suitable awnings & canopies for tents

Awnings & canopies for tents must possess the following desirable features:

  • Good pickings must add protection and space to your tent.
  • They need to be lightweight and durable for ease during treks & camping sessions.
  • They should be easy to carry, assemble and take apart.
  • Moreover, they must provide easy and secure attachments to the main tent.

In addition to these features, it will help to find awning and canopy types available in different materials and sizes to accommodate many people and varying weather conditions. A range of brands, such as MSR, Samaya, and Vango, and colours are available at Addnature for easier choice and different lighting/shielding needs.


Tent vestibules found at Addnature come in durable PVC materials. These provide you with extra space under your tent. At the same time, they improve safety and add versatility to your tent. This is because the interior and exterior come in different materials for better lighting and protection from the weather.

Furthermore, compact and minimalist, they feature various weatherproof and waterproof options. These awnings & canopies for tents feature sturdy engineering and durable designs. So, you can be sure of an uninterrupted camping experience. Overall, they provide a relaxing and cosy environment for your socialising and kit storage needs.


Besides the standard tent vestibules, flysheets, air side awnings, and universal awnings are available at Addnature. Basic flysheets provide a 360-degree protective roof for your tent. Moreover, air side awnings are designed precisely to fit your tent neatly.

Universal awnings are easy to set up and dismantle. Also, vehicle protectors are available to secure your van or bikes. So, you can simply get ample space for your buddies and luggage. Or you can go for wild camping instead of campsite camping. There's something for everyone over here. All in all, these awnings & canopies for tents can securely cover a wide number of needs, occasions, people, and gear.


At Addnature, awnings & canopies for tents come especially with the camper in mind. They possess all the above features and are ready to be deployed for you and your mates. Visit the website now and pick your favourites for your next camping excursion.