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HAD Originals

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HAD Originals

HAD is one of the most well-known brands hailing from Germany for tubes and scarves. HAD Originals tubes & scarfs stand out due to their knitting and print quality robustness. They preserve their form and colour for years, unlike other tubes that start to degrade after just a few weeks or after washing. HAD's main aim is to create goods that are always better, perform well, and enhance our customers' outdoor experiences.


H.A.D. has been providing exceptional quality and cutting-edge developments in practical "headwear from Germany" since the end of the 1990s. The goods have passed stringent testing to meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 product class 1 and are suitable for adults and children. Various multi-purpose scarves, headbands, caps, and other accessories are available. Innovative infrared heat technology is now incorporated into the line, in addition to the cooling Coolmax fibres and warming merino wool, among other materials.


The HAD cloths' material guarantees longevity, greater abrasion resistance, and superior resilience, which are crucial for the product's long-term viability. It regulates body temperature and dries quite quickly. A universally useful accessory that is appropriate for all activities. Furthermore, it also provides the highest level of comfort and defence against the weather, including wind, sun, and snow. It provides an incredibly functional fabric for all outdoor activities, whether as a balaclava, headgear, headband, hair band, scarf, or other accessories.


  • They are plush and cosy to wear in a variety of ways. It offers stretchy clothing, which is ideal for wearing in the spring, fall, or chilly summer days. Moreover, it dries rapidly and washes well.
  • Some scarves are made of cotton because they are strong and easy to clean, but most fashionable HAD scarves are of lighter fabrics like cashmere, chiffon, and silk. These fabrics are softer and glossier, yet they are more delicate.
  • Wool is the traditional go-to HAD scarf material because of its durability and warmth. Additionally, it is permeable, making it extremely water resistant and capable of wicking moisture away.
  • Depending on the season and the situation, HAD cotton scarves do a good job of keeping you both warm and cool.
  • In addition, they are considerably less expensive than other types of scarves on the market.

Seamless knitting of HAD Originals ensures multi-purpose headwear of the highest calibre produced in Germany for over a decade. It employs some of the best German workers in the industry to create the goods. Therefore, HAD will undoubtedly provide you with the best tubes and scarves.