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Garmin vivo: Which model is right for you?

Garmin Vivo watches for runners.

If you are like me, you have spent most of this year getting into a better fitness routine, whether cycling or on a rowing machine. As you set your energetic resolutions, it is always a great time to dedicate to your fitness seriously – and I am here to tell you that there is technology to make it better and even more enjoyable.

Investing in a technologically advanced device that will enhance your productivity is worth it. It will take your training to significant levels as you track your progress and plan your training. One of these investments you can make is, buying a training watch and a sleek, stylish watch that blend form and function, one that will help you track accurately how far you’ve gone at what speed while being easily read at a glance.

The Garmin Vivo watch is not only sleek but also technologically advanced and highly functional. But is the Garmin vivo waterproof? All Garmin Vivo watches are waterproof. A Garmin Vivo watch will offer a GPS navigation component so that you can accurately track your adventures outdoors. I tested different models to get a sense of the best option for beginner runners and professional runners looking to destroy world records.

There is a wide range of Garmin Vivo watches with different features and designs. It can therefore be hard to know which one is right for you. Garmin has many excellent watches, but I am going to review Garmin vivo3 and Garmin vivo4.

Garmin Vivo 3

This watch is perfect for goal-chasing beginner runners who are setting their pace to smash personal records. The Garmin Vivo 3is exceptionally intuitive to set up, making it top among beginner runner’s watches of 2021. Its GPS navigation system and biometrics are precise and accurate, and it's packed with excellent helpful training tools to help you get more from your training. But is this series of Garmin water watch waterproof? Yes, it is water-resistant too.

What you will mostly love with Garmin Vivo 3 is the Training Load monitor, which measures your training by monitoring your fitness level with VO2and tells you whether you should grind yourself harder to improve fitness or dial it back to avoid over-training. Also, the Body Battery function measures how much you've recovered from the previous day's exertions, which helps you make every training run as effective as possible. This Garmin Vivo watch has a battery life of up to 7 days in smartwatch mode and13 hours in GPS mode.

Also, you can make payment with ease, right from your Garmin Vivo 3and with more than fifteen preloaded sports app.

Garmin Vivo 4

Garmin Vivo 4is a game-changer. It is a must-have watch for professional athletes. The Garmin vivo4 has a GPS with an inbuilt sports app and contactless payment, music and full-day health monitoring. It is sleek, stylish and goes for design-loving athletes. So is this Garmin Vivo waterproof? And yes, like its brothers, this one too is water-resistant.

You can also imagine, like all running smartwatches out there, and it’s got all the Garmin intelligent features. Meaning it has a complete GPS navigation system and a heart rate tracker plus multi-sport support and even on-watch music streaming for both Spotify and Deezer. All that and a battery life that lasts for five days of eighteen hours of GPS training and heartbeat tracking. On the design side of things, Garmin Vivo4features a stainless steel bezel and comfy strap that can be swapped out to suit an occasion.

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