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Funky Trunks

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Funky Trunks

There's nothing nicer than dipping your toe in the sea, or diving into a pool of water. To go for a swim, however, you need the right equipment. For that, Funky Trunks has got you covered. Funky Trunks swimwear is a blend of functionality and fun. Just like their name suggests, Funky Trunks brings a bit of funk with their cool patterns. Stand out from the crowd, and bring colour back into your training sessions.

Who is Funky Trunks?

In October 2002, in Melbourne Australia, Funky Trunks was created. When Duncan McLean showed up to the pool in a pair of flowery trunks, he was met with bemusement. Such forward thinking and fresh patterns weren't the style back then. Especially not for men. With the inception of Funky Trunks, a new trend was born. For 20 years now, Funky Trunks have been at the forefront of men and boy's swimwear. Designed for serious performance, these trunks are without the serious attitude. You can express your personality and personal taste with the fabulous range of patterns and colours. With a commitment of producing products with the highest quality materials, Funky Trunks also strives to keep their clothing affordable.

What's available?

Funky Trunks produce more than just swimwear. They also make a variety of swimming equipment, accessories, bags, and even underwear. The incredible variety in their swimwear must be mentioned though. Funky Trunks caters to both boys and men who have a serious passion for swimming. They make more traditional swim shorts, which come in the iconic range of bright colours and patterns. Smaller trunks are also available, which would be suited to the more athletic kinds of swimming. This ensures that there will be something to suit anyone's comfort level. Swimming caps are also available, with a massive range of fun designs, graphics, and poppy colours. As well as this, there are kick boards (both traditional and asymmetrical), drawstring bags, micro-fiber towels, and backpacks.


Funky Trunks aren't just cool to look at. They are incredibly functional, with some of highest chlorine resistant trunks on the market. If you want practical swimwear, but don't want a boring pair of trunks, then Funky Trunks has you covered. Bring a bit of colour and fun to your next training session. They're sure to draw compliments, and make you smile. With Funky Trunks, you'll stand out from the crowd, whether at the public pool, or at the beach.