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Evoc backpacks & bags

Evoc creates high performance bags, backpacks and luggage that are specially adapted for active people. While travelling, out on the slopes, riding a bike and generally living an active lifestyle, Evoc bags and back protectors ensure that you can easily transport your water, food, apparel and other items over short or long distances, safely, securely and in comfort. No matter where your next adventure takes you, Evoc bags and backpacks are designed to help you go the distance.

Evoc backpacks

Evoc bag solutions help wearers to reach new goals

The German Evoc founders, Holger Feist and Bernd Stucke are passionate cyclists and skiers who have travelled all over the world to more than 40 countries in order to find the best places to do their favourite activities, such as mountain biking and snowboarding. However, there was one thing that would often let them down – their bags and rucksacks. They realised that when travelling and doing sport, carrying the wrong kind of bag exposed the body to unnecessary wear and tear, which had a negative impact both on the overall experience and their performance levels.

They realised that in order to have what they needed, they would need to innovate it themselves. The brand Evoc was born, with the aim to produce bags, backpacks and luggage designed especially for travel, bike and snow. Word spread, and the brand soon became popular with outdoor sports lovers and athletes around the world. To this day, they keep their bags and products simple, functional and reliable, while looking good. Through this experience out in the field, they have fashioned backpacks and bags that feature innovative characteristics such as ventilated back panels, bags fitted with back protectors, bags integrated with fluid systems and high-quality bike bags.

Evoc bags and backpacks are innovated for any kind of activity

On the website, there is a comprehensive range of Evoc bags and backpacks to choose from so you can find the right one to suit your needs. There are also protective vests for men and women that allow for freedom of movement and a selection of other useful accessories to help you on your way.

The range includes:

  • Travel medical and first aid kit, including disposable gloves, first aid bandages, plasters, compression bandages and other useful items, all packaged in a waterproof pouch.
  • Phone bags, ideal for safely transporting your phone, this little pouch is water resistant with padded protection and flexible Velcro, so you can easily attach it to your shoulder strap.
  • Ski cases with removable shoulder straps and a protective cover for safe transportation.
  • Durable multi-pouch bags that work well for commutes, as well as doubling up as a laptop bag or briefcase.
  • Backpacks from 2L-30L – practical backpacks of all different sizes, fitted with thoughtful details which include: back protectors, ski attachment systems and snowboard mounts, glasses and mobile phone compartments, compartments for hydration systems and belt loops for fastening equipment.
  • Race backpacks fitted with a drinking system or “bladder”.
  • Tool bags ideal for transporting smaller items such as adapters, chargers and other kinds of electronic devices.
  • Protector vests for men and women that are suitable when skiing or cycling and protect the body.
  • Lightweight bike cases that help you to transport your bike easily while offering maximum protection, and bike panniers that can be mounted on your bike and used to store tools or other items.