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Endura MT500 Burner Flat Shoes

Today's market is full of high-quality flat pedal mountain bike shoes. In the vast ocean of bike shoe arounds, we may just have found the best fit for you. They are made by Endura cycling, which is a world famous brand among cyclists. We are talking about the MT500 Burner Flat Shoes. In this review, we will look at every feature of these shoes to make it easier for you to decide, whether or not they are the shoes for you.


All shoes have soles, but Endura claims to have given the MT500 Burner's soles a lot of attention. Their Sticky FOOT compound serves as the contact patch for the shoes' outsoles. The rubber compound varies between the parts that touch the pedals and those that touch the ground.

The outsole has a two-compound design, with Sticky FOOT Dura used for the front and heel areas to extend the shoe life and Sticky FOOT Grip used for the grippier centre area that comes into contact with the pedals.

Tougher upper part

Endura describes the upper part of the shoes as being both strong and light due to the usage of PU (polyurethane) synthetic leather. Furthermore, perforated panels are also present to improve airflow. Because it is wipe-clean and is made of low-absorbency materials, the fabric should dry quickly and won't weigh as much when it gets wet. The laces and Velcro strap provide a tight fit, and the heel cup is coated with a “sharkskin” material to help keep your foot in place.

Support and strength

A well designed shoe, the general, but not complete, rigidity of the shoe's sole and top work together to provide a lot of support. Your feet will feel firmly grasped both laterally and longitudinally. The effect decreases the need for clawing, which, in turn, decreases weariness.

Robustness and protection

The sturdy sole of the shoe gives enough impact protection when dabbing on the floor. For cyclists who uses flat pedals, this reduces the possibility that the impact would damage their feet. The upper part is not too thick which feels good while cycling, or when doing any kind of work with your feet.

On-trail feel

Your feet will seem as if they are exerting less effort to keep on the pedals. However, you can still feel what the bike is doing beneath you. This is undoubtedly due to the sole's rigidity, which prevents you from "bananaing" over the pedals, as well as the metatarsal bump, which engages your forefoot and lessen toe clawing.

Overall, in our opinion, Endura cycling shoes are a great choice!