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Frame Bags

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Frame Bags

The frame bag is the most important bike packing bag, boosting carrying capacity while having little impact on riding performance and aerodynamics. It is ideal for fitting in the triangle of your bike's top, seat, and down tubes. A frame bag is a wonderful place to store heavy items to keep your bike's low centre point of gravity.

What goes in a frame bag?

Pack heavy objects in your frame bag: Some heavy items to carry in your frame bag include your stove, fuel, bike tubing, extra food, and other bulky items. This bag helps keep your bike's centre of gravity low and helps you manage your bike's handling.

Types of bike frame bags

Full frame bag

The most obvious sort of frame bag is one that encompasses the whole triangle, sometimes known as a full-frame bag. This, of course, uses all of the existing space and provides the most storage capacity.

Half Frame Bag

The half-frame bag is ideal if you want to maintain the choice of attaching two water bottle racks in the triangle. This bag used half of the space.


The wedge is another excellent option and a favourite of many. A classic wedge shape normally occupies the front portion of the triangle of the bike, leaving enough space in the back to hold your favourite water bottle or even a big water bottle.

Factors to consider while selecting a bike frame bags

There are various essential factors to consider while choosing a frame bag. Some of these include;

  • Fit: You must choose a frame bag that is a good fit for your bike. There may be one created expressly for your bike, or there may be standard ones that will fit. Take note of where the attachment bands are and how they align with the wires on your bike. A well-fitting pack will be compact and secure, with little mobility while pedalling.
  • Size/volume: There are frame bags that cover virtually the full triangle, as well as those that only cover a portion of it. Larger packs can carry and store more. However, they don't always work well with rear suspension and will more likely prevent you from attaching bottle cages within the triangle. Select a size that perfectly matches your bike and gives the most space for storage.
  • Pockets for a better organization: Some frame bags contain numerous pockets for storing and easy access to items.