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prAna is an exciting clothing brand that focuses all its efforts on creating comfortable, sustainable clothes. The brand was founded back in 1992 in California, producing and selling clothes the very next year. Quickly, the company turned to sustainable materials using organic cotton and hemp in their clothes. This was soon followed by their use of recycled polyester in order to reduce the use of synthetic materials in their products.

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Today, prAna clothing has reduced the use of any synthetic materials, recycled or otherwise, and has even made moves toward sustainable packaging too. So, not only are these clothes helping the environment, but they offer comfortable and stylish sportswear.

Please take a look at the options we have available here at Addnature.

Stretching it out

With such a focus on sustainability, it will come as no surprise to learn that prAna has a wide array of clothing dedicated to yoga. prAna yoga wear includes soft leggings that can stretch beautifully without breaking. These can be matched with soft tops, including a number of different style tank tops, t-shirts and more. Better yet, all yoga clothing is available in a wide variety of sizes and colours, perfect for men and women. Check our yoga guide for the full range we have available.

Casual dress for a day's adventure

Not everything is about sports, though. prAna also offers a range of comfortable clothing that can be worn simply during the day. For instance, there is a wide variety of different trousers for both men and women. Comfy cargo pants are perfect for a casual walk or even a bike ride when the weather is good. Men can enjoy the Stretch Zion pants that offer comfort but also can be dressed up for the evening too.

Alternatively, prAna offers a range of loose-fitting shorts made from recycled microfibre fabrics to ensure quick drying. Not only that, but these shorts have UPF 50+ for sun protection, as well as mesh-lined pockets.

The brand also has a wide range of t-shirts for both sexes. These come in both loose and tight-fitting styles. Here at Addnature, we offer them in a range of sizes and colours too, so that they can be mixed and matched for the perfect look, be it sporting or casual daywear.

Getting sweaty

It's not all about staying casual, though. Our range of prAna clothing also includes some excellent sportswear options. There are a number of soft, long-sleeved shirts available that can be used as midlayers. For something a little more wind resistant, check out our range of prAna climbing apparel. There are various t-shirts for climbing, fleece jackets, and even thicker warmer jackets for when things get cold.

The company even creates sustainable chalk bags for those who are going to climb.

prAna clothing extras

At Addnature, we've got a full range of prAna swimwear too. These swimsuits come in a range of colours and styles. It's possible to dress up after too, with the women's sundress or a stylish pair of shorts.

prAna accessories are also available to elevate any look that's created from this brand. There's no better way to save the planet and enjoy it than with some of our prAna clothes.