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Dakine was founded in 1979 in Hawaii. The brand focuses on providing top-quality Dakine bags, backpacks, accessories and outerwear for people who love outdoor sports. Not only does this brand offer clothes for surfing and windsurfing, but it also offers a range of products for skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding and general travel too.

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The brand takes the time to consider exactly what it is that people want. With this in mind, the company is constantly improving its range making sure that they meet the needs of everyone using their products.

At Addnature, we have a selection of Dakine products so take a look at the options here.

Adventuring light

Dakine backpacks are probably the most widely featured items from this brand. There is a massive range of options for people, whether they choose to go for long hikes or just short walks. For instance, the Dakine Shuttle is the perfect 6L option for a short trip. Not only that, but it's also one of Dakine's excellent hydration backpacks as it contains a 2L hydration bladder as well. This bag is perfect for a short hike or when going biking. It can hold a variety of additional extras too, such as food, phone and more making this an excellent option.

Biking on the trails

Dakine also has an impressive selection of cycling backpacks and bags for essentials. The Gripper Bike Tool bag is a must for anyone spending a long time in the saddle. The bag is minimalist in its design and is easily stowable anywhere on the bike frame. It's perfect for short rides and is a great option for shifting weight from your back to your bike's frame.

Out for the day

For longer trips outdoors, larger bags are necessary. The 10L Drafter is one such option. This is a lightweight bag that features a 3L hydration bladder. It is also incredibly comfortable for wearing over extended periods of time. This is because it offers ergonomically designed shoulder straps that can adjust to your movements. The bag itself has a number of organisable mesh compartments, there's space for more water, a pump and even sunglasses in a fleece-lined pocket.

If you're out for really long hikes or rides, it can also be worth looking at, and investing in, Dakine back protectors. The Impact Spine Protector is an add on that's compatible with a range of Dakine bags. It displaces any hard impacts to the centre of your back providing an extra layer of protection when out and about.

Comfortable extras

Carrying something on your back might not be for you. With that in mind, Dakine offers a number of waist & belt bags too. These stylish options come in a range of different colours, styles and sizes. The Hot Laps hip bag is an excellent option for bike rides as it's fully adjustable. It's great for high-level sports too, offering an Air Mesh back panel to allow ventilation. Furthermore, it also includes a fleece inner pocket where scratchable items such as your phone or glasses can go. <end>