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ARTILECT - breaking conventions and combining creativity with performance
Extensive know-how and years of experience in the outdoor industry are at work in ARTILECT's clothing. The brand combines proven, innovative technologies with plenty of creativity to connect people with their activities. It relies on Nuyarn, an advanced merino fibre, and the in-house A/SYS system.


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The brand, Artilect was originally put-forth by Trent Bush and Corry Taylor. Bush is a seasoned developer and brand creator who launched his first company, Twist Clothing Company, in the early 1990s. Moreover, since then he has collaborated with several of the most well-known outdoor and lifestyle apparel companies.

In addition, Artilect came up as an innovative outdoor apparel firm with the goal of improving human performance in any setting. Also, the brand came up with the aim of developing apparel systems that forecast consumer demands from the inside out. From the start, the brand has been a blend of technology, style, and function, with sustainability as a major element.

Significance of Artilect baselayers clothing

All baselayers are not equal. And, as with any system, your layer selection is only as effective as its base. In other words, wearing good baselayers pays off. Baselayers that are permeable, sweat-wicking, and rapid- drying are vital to keeping warm, dry, and comfy when mountain skiing. Merino baselayer from Artilect employs Nuyarn, a novel merino yarn that claims to perform better than regular merino.

Artilect baselayers vs traditional fabrics

When moist, conventional merino fabrics are susceptible to creating holes, loosing shape, while becoming heavy, and they dry substantially slower than artificial performance fabrics. NuyarnTM technology is unique. In compared to conventional core spun or ring spun methods, NuyarnTM's revolutionary twist free technique drafts merino fibers along a high-performance filament. Thus, amplifying the fiber's natural qualities. The efficiency of NuyarnTM materials surpasses any other natural or synthetic fabric, with the advantage of merino wool close to skin and artificial on the inside.

Is Nuyarn technology sustainable?

Nuyarn solely uses wool from farmers who practice responsible animal welfare. The wool is 100% non-mulesed and originates from open land sheep that are sheared annually. Nuyarn is spun using 30% less raw resources in Bluesign and Oek-Tex 100% certified plants. Thus having as little environmental impact as possible.

What is Artilect clothing system?

A/SYS, a complete technical clothing system, is at the core of the ARTILECT range. Each personal style will provide next-level performance when worn solo. However, it is more magical when worn in the ARTILECT configuration. Every product in the A/SYS garment system comes with an understanding of the crucial aspects. These include moisture control, thermoregulation, breathability, and efficiency in mind. Thus representing an ARTILECT-specific style. The ARTILECT brand is perfect for those who are concerned about the future of the action/outdoor sector. Also, for those who want the absolute finest quality and style.