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The summer festival season is fast approaching so it makes sense to think about what equipment you’ll need for your festival visits. Obviously, the most important thing to take with you on your trip is an upbeat and cheery mood, but remembering to bring a couple of practical items along can’t hurt, can it? We’re talking things to keep you warm in the evening and your feet dry in the unfortunate case of rain. All festivals differ and the kind of equipment you need depends on several factors. For example, who’s in your festival crew – adults only or are you taking the kids with you too? Take a look at the following tips to get the most out of your festival experience and make it memorable for all the right reasons.

  • Urban Festival
  • Countryside Festivals

Things to consider when going to an urban festival

Urban festivals are often rather small and don’t necessarily offer the option to camp. Most festival goers stay in hostels, hotels or guest houses – meaning no sleeping bags or bulky equipment is required. A compact picnic set is well worth bringing however and can make the festival experience considerably more comfortable. Bringing a sizeable picnic blanket is always recommended, as your group will no doubt want to take a break and sit down at some point. Foldable camping chairs and a light sun shade can also turn out to be pretty handy, especially if there are kids in your group. Practical all-weather clothing frees you from worrying about the weather all the time. It makes sense to be prepared for rain and for that a raincoat is a light and very effective item of clothing. Water resistant shoes are also a great idea for festivals. Nobody wants cold, wet feet and it can really spoil your fun. Furthermore, a protective hat is useful because it protects you from direct sunlight and also from rain showers.

Top tips for countryside festivals

Festivals located outside of town are the most traditional kind of festivals. Camping is as much part of the experience as the entertainment and many people relish spending a long weekend outdoors. For this you’ll need at least a tent, a sleeping bag and something to sleep on. Of course, it’s also important not to forget personal items such as a wash bag, a towel and both warm and light clothing. Multifunctional clothing is the best choice for such circumstances. Also warm materials that dry fast function the best. Testing the tent prior to attending the festival is a good idea. This makes you familiar with how the tent is constructed, saving you time and energy once you arrive at the festival. Practical items such as rope for use as a clothes line can also turn out to be very helpful during a festival weekend.