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WECHSEL TENTS - Tents of the highest quality
In the late 80’s, nature-loving Jörg Schulz worked in an outdoor specialist shop in Berlin and tested their tents on his own expeditions and travels. He found many details that needed to be improved in these models – and he decided to do it himself. Equipped only with a hand sewing machine, he began to produce tent prototypes made from cotton. In 1994, Jörg and a friend founded "WECHSEL" and he continued to develop his tents over the years. Nowadays, WECHSEL has many unique tent innovations to offer. Outdoor adventurers and campers appreciate the high quality of the brand’s tents and rely on their equipment during expeditions to the most beautiful and challenging destinations on Earth. WECHSEL’s range is made up of their special Travel, Zero-G and Unlimited lines.


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Ever seen a product and wondered what it was? Or have you been searching for the best camping gear but can't find anything that meets your needs? Maybe you are tired of repeatedly seeing the same old products?

Well, Wechsel has just the thing you need! Wechsel has a wide variety of tents and sleeping bags designed for your comfort. The brand understands that people have different needs when it comes to camping. So, it offers an assortment of tents, ranging from two-man to six-man models. They also offer a variety of footwear, clothing, and accessories.

Wechsel tents

The Wechsel tents are known for their quality and longevity, so you can rest assured that you are purchasing the best tent out there. The tents are made of rip-stop nylon material and have a water-resistant coating, making them highly durable during inclement weather.

There is no better feeling than staying dry in a wet environment, so Wechsel ensures you won't have to worry about rainwater coming through the bottom of your tent.

Wechsel sleeping bags

The company offers a variety of sleeping bags to fit your individual needs. They have sleeping bags for the youth and also for adults (women and men). Each brand of sleeping bag comes with a warranty that covers defects in materials or production as well as failure due to negligence by the product owner.

Additionally, they offer a flexible warranty that allows them to replace any item you may not be satisfied with, even if you modify it yourself. The sleeping bags also have a patented heating system that allows the bag to maintain an even temperature throughout the night. Wechsel also offers a variety of sleeping bags for different purposes, such as cots and bivouac bags.

Wechsel camping equipment

Regarding camping types of equipment, Wechsel offers a wide range of camping gear like cooking equipment, camp furniture, lighting, and other things to make your trip more comfortable. Some products include folding chairs, lightweight cooking stoves (with fuel), water filters, and collapsible water jugs for taking long treks without bulky bottles. Carrying cases for storing smaller items like wallets and electronics are also available.

Wechsel clothing

When it comes to Wechsel clothing, they sell a variety of clothing made from moisture-wicking materials that keep you cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather. You'll find clothing made from nylon, polyester, and other materials like merino wool. Some of their clothing is light and packs small, while others are designed for extreme weather environments.