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Vango - camping equipment for professionals
Vango - camping equipment for professionals
The Vango brand, which has existed since 1966, specialises in tents and outdoor equipment. The brand is extremely popular amongst motorcyclists, backpackers and cyclists who appreciate the large interiors, the very small pack size and durability of Vango products.


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Vango - professional camping equipment

If you are looking to spend some quality time outdoors at night in the full glare of the beautiful stars, a good tent and some outdoor equipment comes in handy. Your little home away from home will ensure you have a bearable night and enjoy the beauty of the night. You do not want your outdoor camping endeavor compromised by unwarranted harsh weather that your tent should protect you from. Luckily, at Addnature, we fully understand your needs and have you covered. We offer a limitless collection of top-notch Vango tents that will guarantee you a great night out in the open, no matter how harsh the weather might appear to be. Talk of quality, stability, high resistance to severe weather, and a touch of convenience in regard to lightweight.

Vango tents

An Expansive Collection

At Addnature, we present you with the priceless opportunity to choose the best tent for whatever outdoor escapade you are up for. Even better, they all come in different colors and sizes to your liking. This means lots of high-quality tent options until you are spoilt for choice. Among the special tent categories on our menu are the following: 1 person tents, 2 persons tents, 3 persons tents, family tents, bivy sacks, Inflatable tents, popup tents, dome tents, tents accessories, shelters and pavilions.

It easy to get a tent all wrong and embark on a suffering outdoor endeavor out in the wilds and live to regret a night you should have enjoyed. Consequently, we do all we can to ensure you do not make the mistake of choosing the wrong tent that will not fit your needs. While acquiring a tent, we recommend you focus on the following critical factors.

  • Expected Outdoor Conditions
  • It is imperative to do a quick research of the weather conditions of the location you intend to pitch your tent. Moreover, the current season should dictate what type of tent you purchase. Vango tents have insulated options for winter as well as breezy and cool ones for summer.

  • Brand and Model
  • Of course, the Vango brand is an epitome of quality and a guarantee of good service. Vango products are manufactured with the intent to give our esteemed customers the best they can ever get in the market. So yes, Vango tents any day!

  • Size and Capacity
  • Vango tents come in different sizes and the ability to hold various capacities. The choice you make should significantly focus on the number of campers you expect to bring along for your escapade. Our options range from one-person pieces to four-person pieces, but we, of course, have big-sized ones for bigger occasions.

  • Cost
  • How much you have will always determine what type of tent you get. However, at Addnature, you need not worry; we scream quality over anything else. Consequently, our tents are very affordable yet high quality.

  • Portability and Ease of Use
  • If you are looking to travel with your tent, portability should be a factor to consider. Moreover, you need to get a piece you can handle effortlessly. Luckily Vango tents are easy to handle, and we have portable options for you.

    Quality and convenience are everything when it comes to getting the right tent. At Addnature, we draw pride in ensuring you walk away to your outdoor endeavors with not only the right gear but also the best tent available.