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Trangia 27

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Outdoor cooking made easy by Trangia 27

When engaging in outdoor sporting activities, it is always necessary to replenish our energy stores. However, carrying cooked food can sometimes be inconvenient due to the harsh environmental conditions. If you want to have some freshly cooked food while out there for your outdoor activities, the Trangia stove series got you covered. One of the stoves in this range is the Trangia 27.

The ins and outs of Trangia 27

Trangia 27 can comfortably serve multiple people. The stove is made of ultralight aluminium, which is an alloy known as 5005. The alloy has excellent thermal conductivity and more tensile than ordinary aluminium. The material is also thinner and light which makes the stove light hence convenient to carry around. The alloy also has rust-resistant properties. The 27 set is made of non-stick material known as “Teflon.” The material is mainly used to make the frying pan, but you can still find it in the pot. Trangia 27 has a non-sticking feature that allows you to fry/ cook your meals with small amounts of cooking oil. As a result, washing becomes easy since nothing sticks on the pan. Furthermore, Trangia-27 has a hard-anodized surface. This feature makes the stove scratch-resistant protecting the stove against corrosion and wear. The Trangia 27 can be fuelled using gas or spirit, and both methods are equally good.

The complete Trangia 27 cook set with gas burner.

The Trangia 27 cook set equipped with a gas burner uses gas as the source of energy. The gas can either be propane or butane contained in a gas cylinder with a threaded valve. The threaded enhance safety by preventing gas leakages. The package weighs around 775 grams hence convenient to carry around. The Trangia-27 cook set with a gas burner can be used all year round since it is not affected by the different weather conditions. The stove is convenient if you are engaging in camping and hiking activities. The Trangia-27 cook set with a gas burner is easy to use. The stove has a fast boiling time and keeps the pots and pans soot-free. It takes about 3.5 minutes to boil one litre of water. The gas burner fits well in the Trangia-27 and other Trangia stove series.

The Trangia 27 stove kit

The Trangia 27 stove kit contains two saucepans and an 18cm frying pan. Each saucepan has a capacity of one litre. One of the saucepans is graded while the other is not. The pan also has a handle and strap. The Trangia 27 stove kit also contains two windshields. One of the windshields is located on the upper side, while the other is on the lower side. The windshield on the lower side faces the wind direction to increase oxygen supply. The Trangia-27 has a burner, and the type of burner depends on the type of fuel used. This stove series includes a kettle, but the kettle is included in the models with spirit burners. The kettle has a capacity of 0.6 litres. Models that use Gas burners come without the kettle due to space issues. On the other hand, you can buy the kettle separately and still use it with the Trangia-27 stove. It would be best if you used the Trangia-27 stoves with caution to avoid fire accidents. The Trangia 27 stoves have been developed to withstand the most extreme outdoor environment.

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