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Suunto is a well-known Finnish brand and producer of wearable tech and sports gear. With almost a century of experience, Suunto is a well-established brand and a Suunto smartwatch is a solid investment. Suunto watches include sports watches for running, cycling, swimming and gym-based training, as well as diving watches and other accessories. If you are looking for a Suunto device to help you track your training and performance in triathlon based training, a Suunto smartwatch is an excellent option - Suunto is a key brand when it comes to outdoor sports and each Suunto device offers high-end tracking. Suunto is one of the most prestigious brands in wearable tech and Suunto watches provide accurate, reliable data.

Suunto Watches

Suunto watches are available for men and women. Some models cater more towards mountaineering and navigation, while some Suunto watches are designed with an emphasis on multisport tracking. Any Suunto Smartwatch will be able to monitor the basics such as step count and distance covered. Most Suunto watches can track your heart rate, either via the Suunto smartwatch itself or via a HR belt (available separately).

What can a Suunto Smartwatch do?

Whether you want to discover a new trail, track key metrics while climbing a mountain, or monitor your progress throughout the year, a Suunto Smartwatch lets you do so accurately and with ease. With features such as GPS Navigation, a crisp display showing key data, and a sturdy, weather-proof design, a Suunto smartwatch will help you get more out of the great outdoors. Other features available on Suunto watches include sleep tracking, weather forecasts, and automatic sprint tracking. Battery saving GPS mode ensures your Suunto smartwatch tracks everything, without wasting power while on the track. Suunto watches generally come with a USB charger included.

Suunto Watch Strap

It is also possible to purchase a Suunto Watch Strap separately to change up the design of your Suunto Smartwatch. Materials to look out for when purchasing an interchangeable Suunto watch strap include silicone, which is completely waterproof, leather, and woven textile. A silicone Suunto watch strap is hypoallergenic, soft on the skin and easy to keep clean, while a textile Suunto watch strap is highly durable and hard-wearing. If you are a swimmer, a silicone Suunto watch strap is recommended. A leather Suunto watch strap is a good option for causal daily wear when you are not training. There are men's and women's designs available from Suunto among the Suunto watch strap range.

Which Suunto smartwatch is the best?

Suunto have a selection of Suunto watches available and the best option depends on your needs. Some Suunto watches are designed mores for mountaineering, while Suunto devices may be better suited to road running and triathlon training. Each watch from Suunto comes with a strap but you can buy a replacement Suunto watch strap separately. Shopping online is the best way to browse the full range of products in the Suunto watch range and to choose a new Suunto watch strap.

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