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Super.natural base products for outdoor lovers

This brand's motto is Merino made better. The clothes company stays true to the slogan. The products combine 48% merino wool coupled with 48% polyester. They also comprise 4% Lycra. The company is a clothes brand based in Switzerland. It has been serving outdoor enthusiasts since 2012. The brand is an expert in natural and synthetic fibres, perfect for sports and travel. Check out the top-notch super.natural base products at

Advantages of super.natural base products

Merino made better is the best way to describe the products. The brand brags a variety of products comprising base and mid layers for outdoor enthusiasts. The brand's product offers the benefits of all merino wool. For instance, the products keep you warm when you go snowboarding. They will also keep you cool during a bike race. Moreover, you'll enjoy the perks of polyester, such as durability, light, and comfort. The Lycra in the products allows a bit of stretch on your garments.

They minimize the amount of sweat.

The fibres on the products limit the amount of moisture and sweat on your skin. Merino wool absorbs up to a third of its weight in moisture. Moreover, merino wool has a natural component that prevents unpleasant odours. Polyester accelerates the process of removing moisture from the clothes. So you can go for hours without changing your wear. The combination guarantees ideal comfort.

They are easy to maintain.

The combination of fibres can endure a regular wash. Hence, the clothes are easy to care for. They also dry quickly to have you ready for your morning ride. Moreover, the synthetic fibres in the products have a stabilizing effect. This allows you to put your clothes in the dryer.

They regulate temperature

This is the most significant advantage of Merino wool. Consequently, they cool you down when you are most active. You don't have to worry about riding a bike when the sun is scorching. They also warm you up when you take a break. You can wear your shirt and hoodie and go snowboarding.

They do not itch

The combination of materials provides a soft fabric that does not itch.

They are fitting

Your size doesn't matter; you'll always find fitting wear for your outdoor activities at Additionally, the material in the product allows the product to stretch, giving allowance for different body types and sizes. These products promise maximum comfort and efficiency to outdoor lovers.