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In 1914, Australian company MacRae Knitting Mills expanded its product range to include swimwear. This would lay the foundations for what would become the world-leading swimwear brand speedo. In 1928, Macrae designed the classic racerback swimming costume that facilitated much faster swimming. The name ‘speedo’ was coined in the slogan for this costume, and the rest, as they say, is history. In addition to swimwear, speedo also offers high-quality swimming accessories, including swimming goggles, flip flops, swimming caps and more.

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speedo Pace Cap Kids pink pink
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Speedo: what's their story?

Hailing from Australia, Speedo swimsuits first appeared towards the end of the 1920s. They made a splash when Australian swimmer Claire Dennis wore a Speedo suit when she won a gold medal at the 1932 Olympics. Although conservative by today's standards, Speedo hit the headlines with its pioneering design. As Australian swimming dominated in the 1950s, Speedo swimsuits became first choice for competitive swimmers, and it's been that way ever since.

Speedo swimwear

Isn't Speedo famous for a tight, stretchy look?

In the 1970s, Speedo swimsuits were being made from the nylon-elastane blend that is still at the heart of the Speedo catalogue. But Speedo isn't really about the look, it's about the performance through the water. In the 1990s, the company introduced Speedo swimsuits specially designed to reduce drag. This culminated in the release by Speedo of Fastskin suits in 2000, worn by the likes of champion Michael Phelps. Speedo women's swimsuits are generally quick drying and chlorine resistant too, factors which contribute to their comfort and practicality.

Are there different styles of Speedo women's swimsuits?

At Addnature, we mostly stock one piece Speedo women's swimsuits, but these come in a range of styles. If you're in training, then Speedo women's swimsuits with boycut legs are comfortable to wear over longer periods and offer more coverage. Or if you're looking for a more casual look suitable for the beach, try one of our Speedo swimsuits with a more high cut leg and deep U-back. Overall, there are Speedo women's swimsuits for racing, triathlon and general fitness as well as leisure.

Will Speedo swimsuits look good on me?

The Sculpture range of Speedo women's swimsuits is specifically designed to give wearers a flattering shape, and all Speedo costumes have a similar effect because of the compression they apply to the human form. Interestingly, this bodyshaping element to Speedo women's swimsuits can help with your performance too. Not only do they look elegant, Speedo swimsuits allow you to enhance your body position through the water by stabilising your core and sensitive areas such as the bust.

Are Speedo swimsuits only for serious swimmers?

While the Speedo brand comes with a serious sporting heritage, there are plenty of Speedo women's swimsuits aimed at people who just enjoy an occasional dip in the water too. Speedo swimsuits are also a good option if your appreciate the aesthetics of a sporty look. With their sleekness and clean, uncluttered lines, Speedo designs have a timeless appeal.

What should I wear with Speedo women's swimsuits?

If you're putting together a kit for a visit to your local pool, you'll find a range of swim caps and goggles on Addnature to go with Speedo women's swimsuits. Or if you want a chic ensemble for a day of watersports, try teaming Speedo swimsuits with a tracksuit top, trainers and sun visor.