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Backpacks & hydration systems for runners
Many runners avoid taking fluids with them on short or medium runs – and only reach for a hydration system for long runs. But the days of wearing wobbling backpacks or awkwardly carrying bike drink bottles in your hands are long gone. Hydration specialists and backpack experts like Camelbak, Source or Salomon offer a range of customised fluid transport systems that offer new freedom for runners. Our range of hydration systems for runners includes everything from minimal hydration backpacks to hydration vests, straps and bladders.

Running Packs & Hydration Systems

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Running Backpacks on Addnature

There are fewer better ways to keep fit than running, and serious runners who train over long distances should invest in a running water backpack to help stay hydrated throughout lengthy sessions. Running hydration backpacks are often geared towards serious athletes and those training for an ultra-marathon. Running hydration backpacks are especially crucial if you train or compete in warm or hot climates. Some of the running backpacks and running hydration backpacks listed above are fitted with hydration bladders, mainly those for endurance training, while some running backpacks and running water backpacks may provide mesh pockets for water bottles.

Superior Running Backpacks and Hydration Systems

Running Backpacks for Marathons and Commutes

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a running water backpack, running backpacks and running hydration backpacks. Running backpacks tend to be very lightweight and are generally made from durable materials such as polyester. That said, wearing a running water backpack will add extra weight to your body - most running hydration backpacks are designed to spread this weight evenly across your frame, but there will still be a noticeable difference as you train. There are many options to choose from when it comes to running backpacks. If you are training for a marathon or ultramarathon, you will need a running water backpack that can also carry gels and other snacks. If you run on your commute to work, for instance, you should check out standard running backpacks, which can also carry gear and essentials for a day at the office. Keep an eye out for running backpacks with space for small items such as keys or a smartphone.

Some running hydration packs are designed to be worn across the torso and place some of the weight on the hips, while other running water backpacks are worn on the shoulders, with all of the weight on the shoulder and upper back. One of the key features to look for when shopping for running hydration backpacks is the volume of liquid they can carry. For runs of about 2 hours, you will need a running water backpack that can hold 2 L of water. For runs of 2-3 hours, it would be better to choose a running water backpack with a capacity of between 2 L - 6 L. Some running hydration backpacks have light reflective components on the exterior, which is excellent for anyone who trains on roadways at night or in low light.

Hydration Backpacks for Trail Running

Anyone who enjoys trail running and train regularly would be well-served by a running water backpack. Popular features on trail water running backpacks include mesh pockets on the outside, extra chest straps for stability, light reflective elements, and a back protector. Not all running hydration backpacks feature a back protector as this means extra weight and less interior space, but some running backpacks do offer this. Trail running hydration backpacksmay also feature a security whistle and mounts for items such as walking poles or additional water bottles. Running hydration backpacks are available at a range of price points, with something to suit beginners and seasoned athletes alike. When shopping for a running water backpack, running backpacks or running hydration backpacks online, brands to look out for include CamelBak, Dynafit and Osprey. Running backpacks and running hydration backpacks are available for men and women. Other accessories to check out when you buy a running water backpack include running belts and drinking bladders.

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