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Running Shirts

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Running Shirts for Training and Racing

Running Shirts

Running shirts may look simple, but these critical pieces of athletic gear have to live up to a lot of demands. Running tops need to be lightweight and breathable, able to withstand the abuse of everyday training, and comfortable enough that runners look forward to throwing them on for a jog or an interval workout.

How to Choose a Running Shirt

If a running top is doing its job well, you won’t notice all of the details that went into constructing it. But when it’s time to buy a new running shirt, there are some important things to consider:


The vast majority of running shirts are made of synthetic materials like polyester. There’s a good reason for that – polyester is moisture-wicking and breathable, as well as quick to dry. As a result, polyester running shirts move sweat away from your skin and enhance your body’s natural cooling mechanism. Better yet, polyester shirts are durable enough to handle years of wear.That said, you can also find merino wool running tops or polyester-wool blends. These are more expensive, but some runners love the feel of wool against theirskin. Wool doesn’t dry quite as quickly as synthetic fabric, but it does have theadvantage that it’s naturally odour resistant.In general, you’ll want to stay away from cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture, so as soon as you start sweating a cotton shirt will get heavy and start to chafe. Cotton also doesn’t dry very quickly, so it’s uncomfortable to try to walk around after your run in a cotton shirt that’s drenched with sweat.


Comfort is largely determined by the fabric your running top is made of, but it also depends to a certain extent on stitching. Exposed stitches can cause chafing andirritation, so most running tops are constructed with specialised seams that protect your skin.Taped seams are generally the most comfortable since there’s no stitching at all – just tape or glue. Otherwise, flatlock seams, in which fabric overlaps on the insideof the shirt, is generally comfortable for running. Ideally, the seams will be placed over the torso or somewhere else the shirt doesn’t press against your skin while running.

UPF Rating

All running tops will provide you with some level of sun protection. But if you spend the entire summer running in harsh sunlight, a top with added UV protection can help protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Most running shirts with a UPF rating are rated for UPF 30, which means only one-thirtieth of UV rays can penetrate the top.


If you run at night, having reflective tape on your shirt can help you be morevisible to cars. Ideally, your running shirt will have reflective material on all four sides of your body so you can be seen from any angle. Of course, reflective tape is no substitute for carrying a light on your nighttime runs, but every little helps!

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