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Sports nutrition – lasting energy for top performance
Starting a long run (or any intense exercise) on an empty stomach is never wise. A carbohydrate-rich meal a couple of hours before starting, e.g. a good portion of pasta, is perfect. But what about something eat just before or even during exercise? Energy-rich sports food you can eat quickly between meals is available in numerous guises as bars, gels, wafers or gums. Carbohydrate-rich food is best before and during sports. After sport, for faster recovery, foods rich in protein are best. Whether you're hiking, running or cycling, sports food in the form of bars, gels or similar should always be with you to prevent hunger pangs. Try out different types and manufacturers to find your perfect product. Naturally, here at Addnature, we carry a vast range of sports nutrition products so getting started has never been easier.

Nutrition & Energy

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Nutrition & Energy

When you venture on an outdoor excursion, it's important to be prepared. Having the proper gear and wearing the right apparel are crucial for a successful trek. However, don't forget it's vital to be physically prepared as well. You need the energy to last you all day and see you through your outdoor adventure or physical activity.

Taking fitness supplements regularly and packing energy bars when you're out and about, can really make a difference in your day. At Addnature, we have a plethora of nutrition and energy supplements to keep you going on your daily adventures.

Running nutrition

Before you hit the pavement, make sure you've had your dose of running nutrition to keep you satisfied. You can also recover from your run with Zero Calorie Electrolyte Tabs from Dextro Energy. These small tabs pack in electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, and sodium to help your body restore itself from your run. So, the next time you run, make sure you've had proper running nutrition and that you consume some protein after your run in order to recover from the exercise. Powerbar's Deluxe Protein Bag will make sure you have the right amount of vitamins and protein to prevent muscle soreness.

Energy bars

Nutrixxion Oatbars are full of flavour, have balanced carbohydrates, and are soft to chew. These bars will make sure you're not running on an empty stomach. Pack these bars in your hiking bag or have them as a snack when camping. Another great energy bar is Peeroton Proteinsnack Bar; complete with vitamins and a great alternative to protein shakes. This energy bar is ideal after strength training or endurance training. GoldNutrition and Enervit also make delicious energy bars in various flavours.

Energy gels

You might not have heard of this form of energy supplement. Energy gels are full of good carbohydrates that enable you to have a productive workout while fueling your body. Moreover, energy gels are perfect for those demanding workouts lasting more than 90 minutes.

Powerbar brings you PowerGel Original for fast absorption, delivering nutrients straight to your muscles. The energy gel is vegan and is taken with water for ultimate absorption. Next, Dextro Energy supplies a delicious cherry-flavoured Liquid Gel containing caffeine for optimal performance. You can take up to three pouches a day, in 20-45 minute intervals.

Fitness supplements

Another way to supply nutrients to your body is to take daily fitness supplements. These minerals benefit the body because they help you stay the course during difficult workouts and can increase your stamina. Furthermore, fitness supplements aid in muscle soreness after working out.

GU's Energy Roctane BCAA Amino Acid Capsule help with tissue repair and can boost muscle growth. This kind of fitness supplement can be taken before or after an intense workout. Enervit's Sport Omega 3 Capsules contain Omega 3 fatty acids derived from fish oil. If you are working toward building muscles, taking these capsules can help with muscle soreness and improve your performance. Some experts even claim fish oil capsules to be the best pre-workout supplement.

Healthy body, healthy life

It's vital to keep your nutrition and energy up during intense workouts, while running, and even hiking. Maintaining your health is just as important as having the right equipment for a workout or outdoor activity.