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Rossignol is a French-based brand that focuses on creating quality alpine and snow-related equipment and clothing. The company is an old one, founded over a century ago in 1907. It's known for its continuous innovations within the skiing industry in particular — in fact, they were the first company to make plastic skis.

 Rossignol Logo

The brand itself is one of the more recognisable thanks to its unique logo, but also the elegant designs that take inspiration from chic French fashion. But it doesn't just look good. The equipment and clothing are all designed by people within the industry so that they know exactly how the clothing and equipment need to be.

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Protect Your Head

Whether you're skiing or snowboarding, it's important to protect your head. This is where Rossignol ski helmets come into play. At Addnature, we have a great selection of different helmets all in various sizes, shapes and colours.

The Progress helmet offers a lightweight helmet that also provides high-level protection. It uses Multi-impact Memory foam, which retains shock-absorption properties even after a number of knocks. The helmet also offers BOA fitting so that it allows an individual fit for additional comfort.

Alta Impact and Reply Impact helmets also offer high-level impact protection with Memory Foam interiors. Both are visor free, but contain magnetic goggle attachments so that you won't lose your eyewear out on the slopes.

Enjoy Clear Vision

Eye protection is just as important when active on the mountainside. Rossignol has a number of different ski goggles available too. Similar to the helmets, the goggles are available in different colours, styles and lenses to meet the needs of every athlete.

ACE goggles offer a wide field of vision coupled with an excellent goggle-to-helmet connection. They have a foam padding strap to ensure a comfortable fit without any pressure on the skull. Spiral Mirror goggles include cylindrical lenses to prevent fogging and can fit over prescription glasses. Maverick goggles add even more to the lenses thanks to the Toric Lens technology that helps to boost contrast, defining the terrain even more. Additionally, they have photochromic lenses that adjust to the light conditions when you're out on the hill.

There are also goggle options for kids too, offering the same high-quality goggle design, just in smaller sizes.

Keep Warm

The brand also produces a range of cold weather wear too. This includes trousers and ski jackets. As with their other products, these are created to provide optimum levels of comfort as well as being flexible to allow a full range of movement when out on the slopes. Though keeping you cosy, these winter sports clothes are lightweight, so you won't be weighed down.

Rossignol also has a range of additional accessories such as neck gaiters, beanies, gloves and more. In short, they offer everything necessary to stay comfortable, but stylish, while spending the day on the mountain.

Check out the full range of Rossignol products right here on Addnature.