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Restrap — A family-run business

Founded in 2010, Restrap is a brand that makes outdoor accessories. Restrap developed from a home business to a company that sells bike bags, luggage, and accessories all over the world. Today, the business has its headquarters in Leeds and encapsulates a professional team of machinists and designers. Even more, the team is enthusiastic about the job it's doing and when they're not sewing, they put their products to the test to ensure that the best quality gets to the customers.

Restrap Outdoor Gear

What makes the Restrap products unique?

No matter if it produces rack bags or backpacks, the company has one simple mantra it promotes: "design, build, ride". Products have one goal: to fill a gap in the market as they aim to create items that innovate, and not just reproduce.

All the products come to be through a process made in-house. So, the company has full control over what it produces. The team decides on what materials to use and the professionals working for Restrap have full control over what they do and over the design of the products. This is why you will get the best products at a low cost and with a low carbon footprint.

As the company aims to create one-of-a-kind products, they pay attention to the suppliers they work with. Even more importantly, Restrap wants to provide great usability of products, and therefore, they focus on fitting the metal components with the rest of the equipment they are producing.

As such, the company is worth following, especially since the team is putting a lot of effort into providing their customers with the best products out there.

What can I get from this brand?

From Restrap backpacks to Restrap bikepacks, you can rest assured that the products you can buy from this brand fit all your needs. Besides, there is a multitude of offerings this company is providing you with:

  • cockpit bags;
  • frame bags;
  • handlebar bags;
  • panniers;
  • saddle bags;
  • and more.

The products give you access to more storage than ever. They have a design that allows you to store food, a water bottle, and other useful things you have to carry. Furthermore, the bags will keep your supplies dry and safe. As all the products have an easy-access closure, you can be sure that you can access your items on the go. In terms of design, all the products have a classic Restrap label which is made from vegan-friendly PU.

Besides bags, you can also get T-shirts, caps, and other accessories. These are perfect if you enjoy riding a mountain bike or even a road bike. They have modern designs and can fit everybody. Additionally, the materials are natural, and you can have a great riding experience while wearing these items.

Additionally, there are also extras such as holsters, racks and baskets, and spares. All these match the perfection of Restrap's other products. Even better, they integrate natural materials and come with designs that align with the values of the company.