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Regatta Outdoor Lifestyle Men

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Regatta Outdoor Lifestyle for Men

According to studies, styling your best is the key to confidence. You can easily style yourself indoors to stay confident and comfortable at the same. Styling for indoors is easy as many options are available. However, that is not always the case with outdoor clothing. Outdoors styling can be tough due to less fashionable products available in the market. The solution to this problem is sustainable yet fashionable choices of outdoor clothing. This line of clothing is specifically available at Regatta Outdoor Lifestyle for Men at Addnature.

Regatta Outdoor Lifestyle Range

In 1981 Lionel Black founded this company. It is one of the best UK companies that provides men's outdoor clothing. Aside from offering a wide range of outdoor leisurewear, Regatta is also a favourite of campers and hikers for its broad collection of tents, footwear, and accessories. Regatta offers insulated zip and fleece quality in a variety of its shirts. Moreover, the quality includes waterproof and lightweight outdoor clothing. It offers a variety of clothing choices such as shirts, jackets, shorts, pants, leggings, etc. The company has a special range of outdoor clothing separately to provide the best experience it can. The men’s outdoor clothing comes in neutral colours such as black, blue, grey, and white.

There's a new jacket and fleece collection in the Regatta Outdoor Lifestyle collection. It includes the Ramira fleece and Grier jacket. The Manchester-based trading company stated that the sales performance was a result of a broad range of lifestyle brands.

Criteria for outdoor clothing for men

Professionals and outdoor enthusiasts who are regularly exposed to extreme conditions are increasingly looking for multi-functional clothing. Clothing that will keep them comfortable on the trail. You should keep the following features in your mind before purchasing.

  • Wicking

One of the most important features of hiking clothing is moisture wicking. Its function is to ensure an optimal microclimate between the skin and clothing.

  • Thermal resistance

Resistance to the temperature is important, especially when hiking in cold weather. Clothing made specifically for the outdoor should have this feature to be sustainable.

  • Durability

This type of clothing is an essential element for outdoor clothing. Though the term durability may appear to be overly broad, it is an important parameter for high-performance apparel.

Why should men choose Regatta?

Men should always opt for Regatta because of its remarkable clothing range. Moreover, Regatta outdoor lifestyle for men provides customers with an option to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Browse through Addnature now to buy your choice of Regatta clothing and accessories.