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Payment methods

Credit card

Convenient and reliable: Payment by debit from your credit card (VISA or MasterCard). You enter your credit card number, validity and verification number, and addnature transmits the data using secure encryption. If your credit card is unlocked for 3D-Secure, you will be forwarded to the security questionnaire for your bank. A few seconds later your order can be processed. The amount will be debited only upon dispatch of the goods.

Can I pay a certain amount and pay the rest in installments?

No, unfortunately this is not possible for procedural reasons.

Why has money been deducted from my account if I haven’t received confirmation of my order or shipping? Was my order successful?

When you make an order and pay by credit card, we take an “authorisation” payment on the credit card. This bookmarks the amount for the order to prove you have the credit. The authorisation will expire after a few days. We only charge your credit card when the order is successfully dispatched.

Can I still change the payment method?

For technical reasons it is unfortunately not possible to change the payment method after submitting your order. Would you rather pay by PayPal? Simply cancel your existing order and place your order again in our online shop.

Security standards

Payment security is our top priority. All payment offers available to you are considered secure. Each service has an excellent reputation for security.