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Odlo - Premium Functional Sportswear
Odlo - Premium Functional Sportswear
Odlo is a global company for sports and functional clothing. Particularly in the field of functional under garments, the Swiss company is a European market leader. Odlo makes clothes for people who value freedom of movement but do not want to compromise in terms of functionality, comfort and design. Due to the high quality materials and tried and tested technologies, many Olympian athletes wear Odlo products.


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Odlo F-Dry Crew Neck SS Shirt Men white
Odlo F-Dry Crew Neck SS Shirt Men white white
F-Dry Crew Neck SS Shirt Men white
  • Versions: S
Odlo Waterproof Light Gloves black
Odlo Waterproof Light Gloves black black
Waterproof Light Gloves black
  • Versions: XS | 6
Odlo Element Warm Gloves black
Odlo Element Warm Gloves black black
Element Warm Gloves black
  • Versions: L


This Swiss-based sports brand offers high-quality clothing across a range of different sporting disciplines. Leading the way globally, Odlo pays special attention to providing great movement within their clothes, but at the same time offering high functionality. As such, Odlo clothing is made with quality materials to ensure they are comfortable for all. Perfect for beginners through to Olympians, this brand has something for everyone.

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Here at Addnature, we have a wide range of Odlo sportswear from running clothes through to winter wear.

Adding layers to your sportswear

When it comes to Odlo base layers there are plenty of options for both men and women. These baselayers also don't need to be layered up but can be used on their own too. For instance, the Active Spine shirt helps with posture support as well as being the perfect underlayer for your outfit. With supportive function zones on your spine, this shirt helps to reduce stooping and encourages a high level of performance. Other benefits include:

  • Increased oxygen supply through upright posture
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Better upper body stability

Getting something to put over the top is also easy thanks to the Odlo midlayers selection. These long-sleeved tops are available in a range of colours and help to keep you a little bit warmer. With their thermo coating, these mid-layers are the perfect option for many different sports.

Taking it to the tracks

Running has never been easier than it is with Odlo running clothes. A wide range of running clothes is available from streamlined t-shirts to long-sleeved tops. Many of these have high-necks to keep you warm. Odlo also offers a range of shorts and pants for men and women too. Depending on your preference, there are fitted options or looser shorts available.

If you're running in colder weather, staying warm is incredibly important. And that's where Odlo's winter running gear comes in handy. The Run Easy long pants use fleece material to keep warm. They also have reflective panels for the darker nights in winter and stretchy material around the knees for added flexibility on the run.

Wrapping up in the cold

With colder weather all around, it's important to dress up warm with Odlo jackets. These jackets can be found in a wide array of different options including hybrid jackets and hardshell jackets. Depending on the sport, you've got many options.

Runners for instance can choose from a range of lightweight running jackets that keep you streamlined on your run. Choose from sleeved or sleeveless options depending on the temperature outside. These light jackets are still very versatile being wind-resistant and water repellant.

Alternatively, runners can opt for something heavier with the Dual Dry jacket offering a 20K waterproof rating, high breathability, hood and rain visor for improved performance no matter the weather.

Skiers can enjoy a wide range of hardcore jackets with thicker linings to stay warmer for longer. However, matching these jackets with the base and mid-layers available from Odlo is a must if you intend to stay warm for longer.

All these and more are available at Addnature, so take a look at our Odlo clothing selection today.