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Nike Swim: Ignite your spirit
Nike is the world’s largest sports brand and a globally recognised household name. Officially founded in 1971 by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight, the company became famous for the sale of running apparel and footwear. After their great success in the running industry, Nike expanded its range to include products designed for other sports such as basketball, football, football, fitness, tennis and athletics. Most recently, they’ve expanded to include the very best performance swimwear and equipment under the name of Nike Swim.

Nike Swim

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Nike Swim

One of the largest sports brands in the world, Nike has a number of different sectors within their brand focusing on specific sports. Founded in 1971, the Nike brand is now globally renowned and synonymous with quality products.

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Nike Swim is a recent expansion of this brand, focusing on high-performance swimwear and equipment. Here at Addnature, we have a wide selection of Nike Swim options which you can discover right here.

Jump in the deep end

Nike Swim costumes come in a massive range of different options. Women can choose from full suits offering plenty of support and a streamlined figure. Designed for high-intensity swimming, these swimming costumes also have high leg cuts above the hip to allow for greater mobility in the water. Depending on the style you choose, these come in a range of different colours, but all offer flat seams to keep that comfort level high.

There's also a range of Nike Swim bikinis to choose from for those who prefer that style. Like the swimming suits, these bikinis come in a range of sporty styles offering longer Nike Swim shorts as the bottom half, rather than the small panties usually associated with bikinis.

Swimming for men

The brand also has a wide range of Nike Swim swimming shorts for men. Available in a variety of lengths, these can be used both in and out of the pool. These shorts come with perforated fabric to allow greater breathability in the shorts. There's also an internal mesh pocket for storing small items, very useful for a locker key when at the pool.

Nike Swim also has a range of speedos available for those looking for a streamlined option for their high-intensity swimming.

Keeping your hair dry

It's not just the actual swimsuits that this brand does, but there is a range of Nike Swim accessories, including caps & goggles, to look at too.

Not everyone likes chlorine, so Nike Swim has a selection of excellent swimming caps to protect your hair when jumping into the pool. These come in a range of colours often with different motivational phrases or the simple Nike logo. Made from silicone, these caps are stretchy and will fit a range of head sizes. They can also withstand regular use in chlorinated pools.

We also stock a range of different Nike Swim goggles so that you can protect your eyes when you jump into the pool. Fully adjustable, Nike's goggles are flexible and lightweight, making them the perfect addition to your swimming gear. Add to that the curved lens for better vision and these are a must.

Staying afloat

Finally, Nike Swim has a selection of flotation devices aimed at kids and those who are learning how to swim. These provide swimmers with sturdy support as well as being brightly coloured for good visibility when out on the water.

For the very best swimwear, take a look at our collection now at Addnature. Grab the best Nike Swim swimwear for a great time at the pool.