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MIZU - Protecting Where We Play
The name Jussi Oksanen is certainly a well-known name in the snowboarding scene. Together with like-minded friends, Oksanen founded the brand MIZU in 2008 during his professional snowboarding career. Mizu is Japanese for water and the brand aims to counteract the wasteful consumption of plastic bottles and cans by providing reusable, sustainable and 100% BPA-free drinking bottles and cups. A love for the great outdoors combined with environmental awareness is what this company is built on.


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Mizu Water Bottles And Cups

The company founded by the professional skateboarder Oksanen has built a brand worthy of notice. In Japanese, Mizu means water. The brand stands out for producing reusable and sustainable drinking cups and bottles. They built the company with a great love of the outdoors in mind, with the intent of helping us all understand the importance, of being environmentally friendly.

Mizu Water Bottles Are Perfect For Any Journey

The Mizu water bottle doesn't just look awesome it is also practical. Having a water bottle that is perfect for the outdoors is what we need, especially, when going on an adventure. Because the Mizu family is made up of individuals who share a passion for outdoor activities, like skating, skiing, and surfing, these water bottles have been made with respect for the environment.

A great thing about Mizu bottles is they keep your drinks cold all day or if you have a warm beverage, warm until the evening. The Mizu bottles are all soft to touch in your hand with their logo standing out, which says a lot for the Mizu brand. The fact they are made from food-grade stainless steal means each bottle is free from nasty toxins like PVC. All Mizu bottles also come with a mouth design that is perfect for drinking, rather than spilling.

Mizu also produce a range of re-usable stainless steel straws to make dinking on the go even easier.

These water bottles and cups are perfect for many reasons. They fit all outdoor activities and allow individuals to enjoy the perfect warm beverage or cold beverage. Mizu is the perfect brand when it comes to pleasing all sports enthusiasts. Listening to what their customers want they have done for years. To inspire the slogan “Protecting Where We Play,” Mizu developed its brand.

The goal is to substitute single-use items with reusable ones, like their selection of Mizu water bottles and also cookware, so that you may simultaneously take care of the environment as you embark on your next journey and enjoy a high-quality, long-lasting product. As the creative brains behind Mizu adore all things outdoorsy, they are aware of what it means to produce an outstanding product. Therefore, as a result, all Mizu water bottles and cups they make with the best materials with an intuitive design that make them simple to use. Mizu is nowadays becoming a brand that provides its customers with great outdoor equipment. They have developed into a brand that competes with the best!