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Lundhags Makke

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Lundhags Makke Pants Regular Men light navy/deep blue
Lundhags Makke Pants Regular Men light navy/deep blue light navy/deep blue
Makke Pants Regular Men light navy/deep blue
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Lundhags Makke

Who are Lundhags?

Swedish company Lundhags manufactures outdoor gear that is reliable and adaptable for all climates. The adventure brand has been at the forefront of activewear design for 90 years after being founded in 1932. Since then the passion and drive to make the perfect outdoor gear has created some iconic pieces. The Makke name comes from the Makkene peat in the Offerdal Valley in Jämtland, Sweden. Unquestionably, its namesake range from Lundhags offers the kind of durable protection that climbing demands. The collection features traditional Scandinavian designs and functionality. At its core, it's about sustainability, durability, and performance for tough environments.


One major concept, forever present, in the Lundhags brand, is to be socially and environmentally conscious. So customers who are concerned about conservation and the environmental need look no further. All their products are fluorocarbon-free, and they maintain a firm remit to minimize their impact and footprint on the Earth.

The lower collection

The ideal hiking outfit is created using the principle of layers and a variety of materials. The essential components all need to be protected from the elements. For example, the bestselling Lundhags Makke pants are designed exactly for that reason. Able to equally tackle the demands of a tough day's hike or a leisurely stroll. The functional but lightweight style gives freedom of movement as well as the performance needed. For demanding terrain, the softshell protective layer stops tears and rips when tackling abrasive rocks. In addition, the Lundhags Makke shorts are perfect for summer outdoor trips.

The upper collection

Lundhags Makke jackets are ideal for use in all four seasons. They provide a perfect blend of warmth, comfort, style, and all-weather protection. The jackets are perfect for skiing, hiking, or skating because of the combination of materials and sleek construction. For example, the ventilation areas on the side provide a way to release built-up heat. If the temperature drops the reinforced, 3-layer build provides the warmth you need to keep going!


The Makke range is for the outdoors person who wants protection and a minimalist design. Lundhags offer premium adventure apparel for people who really want to feel safe out in the wide open world. They offer a wide range of quality products for men and women ad affordable prices, that will keep you protected and comfy. And look after the great outdoors that you love too. Check out their range today!