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Kids' clothes

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Great selection of outdoor kids' clothes

Children, more than anyone else, need the right outdoor clothing to keep them safe, warm and making the most of every outdoor adventure. A comprehensive outdoor wardrobe for your child will include some (if not all) of the following:

Children’s Clothing
  • Practical trousers & shorts
  • A warm jacket
  • Durable overalls
  • Breathable tops
  • Cosy baselayers/midlayers
  • Swimwear
  • Gloves, scarves & hats
  • Quality rubber boots

Obviously, each of these items will have to be individually considered. However, all kids’ clothes share important factors that need to be considered when shopping for your little one.

Wearing Comfort

If you want to avoid tears before bedtime, comfort is king when it comes to children’s clothing. Think about comfort features such as the softness of material, cushioning elements and added support. It’s also important to consider adjustability, fit and general freedom of movement. Clothing with elastic waists, adjustable waistbands and thick (non-pinching) cuffs will keep kids happy, comfortable and unrestricted.

Weather Protection

Just like adults, children need to be prepared for the weather – and any changing conditions they may encounter whilst outside. This means season and location-appropriate kids clothing.

Sunny, hot or tropical conditions

Sun: In places and seasons where your child might be exposed to the sun whilst playing or exploring outdoors, they’ll need protection from harmful UV rays. This means hats with visors – to protect their eyes and faces, as well as loose and comfortable coverage for the rest of their body. Many garments come equipped with special UV protection: think swimwear and sunhats with inbuilt UPF 50+.

Heat: Cooling and breathable kids clothing made from natural fabrics like cotton is best for keeping the temperatures of young explorers regulated.

Insects: Unfortunately, where you find warm, tropical conditions you’ll normally also find biting nasties. Protecting children from mosquitos and the like isn’t just a matter of saving them from itchy discomfort – in some locations you’ll be protecting them from potentially life-threatening diseases. Insect protection such as Craghopper’s NosiLife is permanently imbued into their Nosilife clothing so it never washes out and lasts as long as the garment does. Alternatively, consider clothes with netting features that are specifically designed to keep insects out or full-body covering.

Rainy, windy or cold conditions

Rain: As you’d expect, sheltering your child from downpours means choosing garments with hoods and waterproofs fabrics or water repellent treatments.

Wind: Wind-resistant and windproof fabrics and designs will stop your child from suffering the effects of windchill on blustery days.

Cold: In cold conditions layering is the way forward. Consider children’s thermal baselayers and midlayers. Team with a coat or jacket that contains either down or synthetic down and add accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves to keep the cold at bay. You may also consider overalls, coveralls, onesies or snowsuit designs in snow-laden environments as these kind of garments provide extra warmth and keep snow and slush from entering clothing.


Children’s clothing needs to be durable. Unfortunately, most kids are pretty much experts at accidentally wearing holes in their clothes. Obviously, garments need to be well made and constructed from durable fabrics. But, some designs even come with special longlife features such as reinforced Cordura patches on areas of natural wear and tear like elbows and knees.


When you get back home at the end of a long, fun day with a mud-lagged child you’ll probably just want to be able to quickly and easily throw dirty clothing in the washing machine. Outdoor kidswear needs to wash well and be ready for the next time it’s needed – all with little fuss.

Ease of Use & Practical Extras

Consider the ease of a garments use for your child. Depending on age and ability, many may struggle with complicated closures and adjustment systems. Features such as Velcro make dressing much easier for you and your child.

Finally, think about practical features such as pockets. Your little explorer will need somewhere to stash all the treasures they find on their outdoor adventures!

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