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KAMBUKKA: the cool thirst express
Belgian premium brand Kambukka develops trendy drinking solutions for people on the go. The bottles are designed to fit your active lifestyle and individual personality so you can express your thirst for more: more adventure, more fun and more action!


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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
Kambukka Etna Tea Mesh black
Kambukka Etna Tea Mesh black black
Etna Tea Mesh black

What to look for when shopping for a Kambukka water bottle

We all know how vital it is to stay hydrated, and whether you are a gym addict or an active runner, a student, an office worker, or just need to improve your regular water consumption, we have a water bottle for you. By buying a Kambukka water bottle that can be used more than once, you can avoid buying single-use plastic water bottles, help the environment, and save money.

Reusable water bottles are good for the environment.

Over 5 million people use bottled water on a weekly basis. Plastic water bottle use in the United Kingdom alone amounts to 50 billion plastic bottles each year. By converting to a reusable water bottle, you would be replacing and saving the earth the equivalent of 156 single-use plastic bottles every year. Switching to a reusable water bottle can also save you over £1,200 per year on average.

We offer a large selection of reusable water bottles and are here to help you navigate the world of reusable water bottles to discover the best one for you.

Making a decision on a reusable water bottle

There are so many different brands and kinds of water bottles on the market nowadays that it might be difficult to choose one. Brands include Kambukka, Oasis, and Avanti, among others, and come in insulated, glass, ceramic, and BPA-free varieties. It's no surprise that you think it's all too difficult.

First and foremost, why are you purchasing a new water bottle? Consider the major purpose of the new water bottle. Consider if you want one for sports and an active lifestyle, the workplace, a student body, or anything else.

Types of water bottle lids.

Water bottles are available in a range of shapes, materials, and caps, depending on the intended application. This includes athletic water bottles, insulated water bottles, wide-mouth water bottles, spill-free lids, and leak proof lids.

  • Sports Bottles: There are many kinds of kambukka bottles to meet your specific demands. If you're a biker, you may want to consider a water bottle with a straw so you don't have to elevate your head too much to drink.
  • Wide Mouth: If you want to add ice cubes, lemon, cucumber, or other fruits and hydrators to your water bottle, go for one with a wider mouth.
  • Spill-proof Lid: Ideal for office professionals to keep on their desks. With a spill-proof cover, you can avoid possible calamities if you unintentionally knock your bottle over.
  • Leak-resistant lids: Ideal for throwing your bottle in your workout bag or preventing wet meals or schoolwork in your school bag.