The 8 Best Hiking & Outdoor Apps

The 8 Best Hiking & Outdoor Apps

1. Strava

Cyclists and runners probably already know Strava, but after recent updates this app works with more outdoor activities than ever before. From skiing and kayaking to skating and hiking, you can now use Strava for almost all outdoor sports. This is a very user-friendly app that you can use to map out routes, track and analyse your activities, and then share them with your friends and other users.

Available for: Android and iOS. Price: The basic app is free, but for additional features you can sign up for either monthly or annual subscriptions to Strava Summit. Prices range from £2.49 (for a monthly single pack membership) to £47.99 (for an annual membership to all three Summit packs). Best for: Tracking and analysing all kinds of different sports, from hiking and cycling to swimming.

2. ViewRanger

This hiking app is pretty much indispensable for anyone who enjoys being in the great outdoors. ViewRanger offers more than 150,000 hiking routes both at home and abroad and gives you the option to create your own routes within the app. If you’d rather head straight off on an adventure, you can download detailed maps of specific areas – which you can then use to easily navigate the most remote places. With this app’s GPS function you can rest assured that you won’t be getting lost any time soon. Post-adventure, you can look back on your exploits and share your walk with friends and other users.

Available for: Android and iOS. Price: Free, but to download maps you’ll need to pay a small fee. Best for: Finding beautiful, new hiking trails.

3. komoot

komoot is another planning and navigation app that allows you to discover more of the outdoors whether you’re biking or hiking. It’s a bit like having a personal guide in your pocket – with points of interest marked out on routes by other komoot users and a bunch of recommended pre-planned tours (as well as the ability to plan your own). You can also use its live navigation feature to get yourself back on track.

Available for: Android and iOS Price: Free to download and includes a first region map for free, but further regions are purchased as singles (£3.99) or complete packages (£29.99). Best for: Planning routes which take in local areas of interest and global navigation.

4. Galileo Offline Maps

Are you planning a multi-day hike abroad soon? Download Galileo before you go and you’ll be glad you did. This outdoor app allows you to download very detailed maps showing not only the smallest hiking trails, but also facilities such as the nearest supermarket or campsite. The nice thing about this app is that the maps take up very little space on your phone, making them very quick to use.

Available for: Android and iOS. Price: Free Best for: Downloading fast, very detailed maps so you never get lost abroad.


This app offers detailed offline maps of the whole world – useful when you’re in a remote area where your signal isn’t great. You can pre-load different areas onto your mobile phone, so your maps are also available when there’s no Wi-Fi to be found. Perfect for hikers who like adventures, but don’t want to get completely lost. With you can also plan your own routes, but this function is a little more limited than with some other apps.

Available for: Android and iOS. Price: Free. Best for: Offline viewing of very detailed maps.

6. Rustastic Altimeter

This special hiking app has everything you need during a long hike or walk. With Runtastic Altimeter you always have a compass, speedometer, pedometer, weather forecast, map, binoculars and flashlight at your disposal – truly one of those apps that once you have it installed on your phone you can’t imagine doing without. During your hikes you’ll discover just how useful all these different functions are - this is an indispensable app for everything from short walks to multi-day hikes.

Available for: Android and iOS Price: Free Best for: Easily accessing the handy tools and features that you need when you're hiking.

7. Relive

Relive is an app for walkers, cyclists and other outdoor lovers who want to relive their latest outdoor adventure. You can connect Relive to different apps such as Strava, Garmin and MapMyHike to track and analyse your activities, but the best feature of Relive is without doubt the 3D video. After every walk, hike or bike ride you’ll receive a 3D animation of your route from Relive, so you can enjoy revisiting your route time and time again.

Available for: Android and iOS Price: The standard version is free, but for extra features you’ll need to become a member of the Relive Club for a monthly subscription fee. Best for: Admiring your latest adventures with the Relive 3D video.

8. Campmate

Nothing is more satisfying than ending a long day of walking by setting up camp somewhere green and welcoming. For camping fans, the Campmate app designed by is an easy-to-use must-have. It allows you to apply filters such as ‘dogs-allowed’, check facilities and discover ‘glamping’ spots if you feel like a more luxurious experience. You can search through a wide range of UK campsites to find exactly the right one for you. The best feature is its ‘campsites near me’ section which uses your phone’s GPS to show you camp spots near your current location – perfect for spontaneous camping adventures or if you’ve ended up somewhere and haven’t pre-booked a place to stay overnight.

Available for: Android and iOS Price: Free Best for: Finding a friendly, local camping spot for your next outdoor weekend.

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