The swimrun guide — free ebook from Addnature

The swimrun guide — free ebook from Addnature

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Swimrun – an exhilerating adventure in stunning surroundings

If you haven’t heard of Swimrun yet, you’re missing out! More and more endurance athletes are taking part in these sporty adventures – which are so much more than just "triathlon without cycling". Every year more Swimrun events pop up. Almost every day you hear of new races being planned – whether in urban environments or deep in the heart of nature. The sports industry has also noticed this new trend and is working on special products that make these competitions even faster and more exciting. Our Swimrun Guide for beginners and advanced athletes will give you an insight into this fascinating new world: What are the origins of Swimrun? What type of equipment is required and what must be considered when you’re training and racing? What competitions are there and where do they take place? We’ve made this guide available as a free download. Hopefully we’ll see one or two of you soon at one of these unique events. In any case, we wish you lots of fun reading and discovering this exhilarating sport!


Addnature offers a huge range of high-quality equipment for making the most of your time outdoors. Whether you’re into climbing, hiking, mountaineering, trail running, cycling or swimming, you’ll find everything you need in our online outdoor shop. We know what we’re talking about; because our team is made up of like-minded individuals who are passionate about spending time in nature – and of course – enjoy testing our products out for you. Whether it takes us high into the mountains, onto the rocks, camping under an open sky or into wild waters, every one of us here has our own particular passion; and brings our individual experience to the Addnature team. In addition to our huge range of outdoor gear and extensive knowledge, we offer you round-the-clock service for your order. And, if for any reason you still aren’t satisfied, you can return your purchase any time within 100 days!

Special Thanks

We’d like to thank André Hook and his team partner for their invaluable help in creating this Swimrun e-book. As author of this guide, André has called upon his extensive experience of the sport to provide us all with a brilliant introduction to Swimrun. Together we’ve created one of the first European Swimrun guides for you. We hope that with this guide, we’re able to bring you much closer to this unique sport.

About Swimrun

As the name suggests, Swimrun is made up of swimming and running; more specifically trail running and swimming across open waters. This sport started in Sweden, but has gained enthusiastic fans and new events world-wide. The two most noticeable unique characteristics of Swimrun are that 1. Participants alternate between the two disciplines again and again – without changing their clothing. Swimrunners run in their wetsuits and swim with their running shoes and 2. Swimrun is a team sport. In competitions, you enter as a pair. Swimruns also allow athletes to enjoy the incredible variety and beauty of the natural surroundings in which these events are held. It is a versatile, challenging, communal and pretty indescribable sport. For more information and the complete history of Swimrun, please read our free guide.

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