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HUUB – Form, fit and Performance
Whether it is open water swimming or technique training in the pool, HUUB has the right equipment. Founded in 2012 and based in the UK, the company spends a lot of time on development to offer the best possible products for triathlon, swimrun and even cycling, from hobby level to professional use.


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Huub — Premium Sports Gear

Established in 2011, Huub is a premium sports gear brand that focuses on the development of highly advanced products. Huub dominates the market of triathlon clothing, wetsuits, and accessories and promises to offer innovative products. Focusing on maximizing performance, the company explores the odd and the conventional. Therefore, the brand is available in countries all over the world, being interested to scale up any market opportunity out there.

Huub Sports Gear & Swimwear

Huub running & swim gear

As the company wants to provide all customers with the best sports experience, it offers you the option to fully customize your gear. From running clothing to glasses & goggles, you can adapt the products to your need. Not only the design of the items is a focus, but also the materials. Therefore, the company focuses on comfort, fabric, quality, and durability. So, you get access to the latest technologies developed by Huub which are approved by several athletes from all over the world.

Huub specialise in swim gear or wetsuits, offering a great variety of sizes, designs and fittings, to best suit the individual needs of the user. You can rest assured that when wearing the Huub products you will be making a difference as these items incorporate advanced materials and technologies.


Besides Huub swimwear and Huub swim accessories, you can get biking products that have one goal: results. If you spend a lot of time racing your bike, then you should know that Huub partners with engineers, aerodynamicists, and national champions to make sure that you have a fast triathlon experience. From Tri suits to bibs, from jerseys to aero socks, you can rest assured that these integrate the most advanced technologies because Huub wants you to have the best cycling gear.

The team works around the clock to make sure that all the Wattbike gear performs at the best level. Even more, all the people involved in the design and production of this line have one goal. They want to make all tri suits, wetsuits, and tri gear more performant. So they put every effort in the process of bringing these to life.

Tri Suits

It's very important that you have the right clothing when participating in a triathlon. Huub's products integrate advanced materials and technologies, so you can swim, cycle and run without any problems. These products keep you comfortable and ensure breathability. Even more, they allow you to perform at your best every time, everywhere.

If you don't want to wear a tri suit, you can go for shorts and tops dedicated to triathlon. These items allow you to paddle quickly and then swim without having to change your gear, which is great. They also provide you with heat reduction and breathability, while the tops come with pockets where you can store your much-needed supplies.