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Cushions are a type of furniture that supports the body while sitting or lying down. They consist of a soft material, such as foam, and make a chair or sofa more comfortable. Moreover, cushions offer decorative purposes and often add colour and pattern to a room.

Type of cushions

At Addnature, two cushion types are available. These are; travel pillows and pillows. In addition, there are 62 pillows and 9 travel pillows at the site. Travel cushions are great for long trips, as they provide support for your head and neck.

Regular pillows are ideal for everyday use, as they are soft and comfortable. Additionally, both types of cushions are available in a variety of colours and styles. For instance, Cocoon Air-Core Pillow is a travel pillow with inflatable features and charcoal grey colour.


There are many brands of cushions available at Addnature. Some brands include Alvivo, Basic Nature, Cocoon, Bent, Vango, and Normad. Cocoon brand has the highest number, 19 cushions at Addnature.


The Addnature website sells a variety of different series of cushions. These include Outwell Constellation, Outwell Contour, Outwell Dreamboat, Sea to Summit Aeros, and Vango Shangri-La. Moreover, they are available for purchase, and each type of cushion has different features that may be appealing to different people.

For example, the Outwell Constellation is a self-inflating cushion that is made with a soft touch fabric. Additionally, the Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillows are luxurious inflatable pillows with multifunctional valves perfect for travelling, trekking, and hiking.



Addnature has a wide range of colours for cushions available. You can choose from a variety of colours such as pink, blue, and green. In addition, you can also choose from different patterns and designs.


There are different materials used to make cushions available at Addnature. Some of these materials are feathers, down, synthetic fillings, and cotton. All these materials are of high quality and comfortable to use.


Cushions are necessary for a comfortable night's sleep while camping. They provide insulation from the ground and can be used as a pillow. Addnature offers a variety of cushions for different purposes, including wild camping, campsite camping, travelling, trekking, and hiking.

The right cushion can make all the difference in a comfortable night's sleep. For instance travel cushions supports the neck and can provide comfort when travelling, making them essential for any trip.


Addnature has numerous cushions available for both men and women. They have different colours and designs to choose from.

Overall, for those who want to buy a cushion, Addnature is the place to go.