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LEKI Hiking Poles

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LEKI Poles for Durability and Performance

LEKI Hiking Poles

Pole maker LEKI has been at the forefront of trekking pole technology since thecompany was first founded in 1948. Over the past 70 years, LEKI has led innovations in pole grips, flexible tips, lightweight shafts, and ultra-durable construction.Today, LEKI continues that history of innovation while producing poles that are renowned by trekkers and skiers alike. LEKI poles are known for combining comfort and performance into virtually unbreakable designs, so you can feel confident on the trail.

Choosing the Right LEKI Hiking Poles for You

LEKI’s lineup of hiking poles is enormous and provides an option for every style of hiker. When considering which set of LEKI poles are right for you, there are a few important things to consider:

Pole Material

LEKI makes trekking poles from both aluminium and carbon. Aluminium poles aregenerally less expensive, but heavier than carbon poles. Both types of poles areextremely durable, but there’s one thing to keep in mind if you hike in remote regions: an aluminium pole will bend, but not break; whereas a carbon pole can snap under extreme stress.

Grip Material

The material that your pole grip is constructed from can make a big difference in comfort while hiking. Many trekkers prefer LEKI’s cork grips because they resist moisture well and effectively dampen vibration. Foam grips, which are found on some budget LEKI poles, are softer to the touch but can cause chafing over the course of a long day. Rubber grips are typically reserved for ski poles rather than hiking poles since this material is rough against your hands if you’re not wearing gloves.

Adjustable Length

Many LEKI hiking poles are designed to adjust significantly in length. That allows you to shorten your poles when you’re travelling uphill and to lengthen your poles when you’re headed downhill. You can also use length adjustments to shorten your poles when stowing them in a backpack.Adjustable poles from LEKI use two different locking mechanisms to fix the length of your poles. External lever locks are highly adjustable and can be easily opened and closed even when you have gloves on. Twist locks require you to turn the poleto loosen or tighten the adjustment mechanism. They’re less obtrusive on the polebody but can also fail more easily than lever locks.

Folding Poles

LEKI also makes a number of folding pole models. These poles separate into three or more sections connected by a cable. The advantage of folding poles is that theyshrink down to a very small length when you want to put them inside or on your backpack. Most of LEKI’s folding poles also have length adjustment mechanisms so you can tailor your poles for uphill and downhill travel.

Trekking Pole Length

Getting the length of your hiking poles right is extremely important. The best way to estimate the pole height you need is to hold your arm with your elbow at a 90-degree angle. Then measure the distance from your hand to the ground.If you opt for adjustable trekking poles, the pole length you need should ideally fallsomewhere in the middle of the poles’ adjustment range. That way, you haveplenty of room to make the poles longer or shorter to match the terrain.

LEKI Hiking Poles at

The best way to find LEKI’s full lineup of hiking poles is to shop our wide selectionat We carry LEKI hiking poles for men, women, and children, and make it easy to find the perfect trekking sticks for your hiking season.

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