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Camping Grills

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Robens Telescopic Aluminum Tripod grey
Robens Telescopic Aluminum Tripod grey grey
Telescopic Aluminum Tripod grey
Primus Tool for Kuchoma
Primus Tool for Kuchoma
Tool for Kuchoma
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Vango Two Burner Carry Bag black black
Two Burner Carry Bag black
Primus Hose w. Adapter POL Valve for Kuchoma
Primus Hose w. Adapter POL Valve for Kuchoma
Hose w. Adapter POL Valve for Kuchoma

Camp Grills for Making Mouth-watering Meals

Camp Grills

There’s nothing better than the smell of grilling food wafting from your campsite deep in the woods or overlooking your favourite lake. With a camping grill, you can cook meat, vegetables, and anything else you’d throw on the barbeque at home. Whether you’re grilling over an open campfire or in search of a portable charcoal, gas, or electric grill, has a camp grill for every trip into nature.

Charcoal, Gas, Electric, or Campfire?

The biggest decision you’ll need to make when choosing a camp grill is how you want to fuel your cooking fire. Wood, charcoal, propane gas, and electricity are all options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Campfire Grilling

Grilling over a campfire is a quintessential camping experience. Better yet, all you need to start grilling is some wood and a metal grill that can be set up over the open flame. While campfire grilling has primitive, traditional appeal to it, there is a major drawback to this style of cooking – it requires good weather. Getting a campfire started in the rain or with wet wood can be nearly impossible. On top of that, unless you want your food charred, you’ll need to be extremely patient while you build a fire and then wait for it to develop a nice bed of hot ashes to cook over. That being said, there are some grills that have brought campfire cooking into the modern age. These grills allow you to feed wood into the bottom of an enclosed grill, much like you would grill with charcoal.

Charcoal Camp Grills

Charcoal camp grills have a lot in common with campfire grilling, except that you have much more control over the process. With a charcoal grill, you can put a lid over your fire to get the grill nice and hot or to control ventilation. Still, you don’t have a lot of control over how hot a charcoal grill gets, and it takes almost as long to ash charcoal for cooking as it does to ash wood. In addition, cleaning up charcoal can be a labourious process.

Gas Camp Grills

Gas camp grills are typically more expensive than charcoal or wood grills, but they offer the greatest degree of control and convenience. With a gas-powered camp grill, you can start cooking with the push of an ignition button. Since you have control over the gas flow, you can decide what grilling temperature is right for your food and how much flame you want.

Electric Camp Grills

Electric camp grills and griddles are great for cooking that doesn’t require an open flame. With many electric camp grills, you can boil water as easily as you can grill a piece of meat. That said, electric camp grills are pretty far removed from a traditional camp grilling experience. If you do opt for an electric camp grill or griddle, it’s important to think about your power supply. Some small grills run off portable batteries, while others need to be connected to your car’s power outlet. Larger electric grills may require a dedicated battery or generator.

Camp Grills at

The easiest way to find the best camp grill for your next outdoor culinary experience is to shop our wide selection at We carry a variety of gas, electric, and charcoal grills, as well as grills for cooking over an open campfire. Better yet, we offer speedy shipping and a 100-day return policy on all camp grills.