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Guide: All you need to know about rainwear


Good rainwear is essential for outdoor adventures. But choosing the right gear can be tricky. But by familiarising yourself with a few key terms and the basics of rainwear technology, you'll soon find the right jacket, trousers and shoes to keep you dry - and within your budget.

In this series, we'll look at what makes rainwear different, the technologies behind it and how to care for your outdoor gear.

The water column: suitable moisture protection – from a rain jacket to the tent

A garment’s water column indicates its resistance to water penetration – find out what it is here.

Waterproof, water-repellent, water-resistant – what’s the difference?

There are small but subtle differences between the terms waterproof, water-repellent and water-resistant. Learn more about rainwear waterproofing here.

Breathability in a rain jacket

This article explains what breathability is really all about and how to find the best jacket to suit your needs.

DWR coating

Nearly all rainwear has a DWR coating. Learn how to check the condition of your rainwear and refresh or renew existing DWR.

Softshell: the all-rounder among functional materials?

Softshell: versatile, weatherproof and comfortable. Learn why this functional material is so popular in outdoor sports and everyday life.

Softshell vs. hardshell: the differences

What is the difference between a softshell and a hardshell? What’ll keep me warm and what suits me? Learn everything about these high-tech materials.

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GORE-TEX membrane

GORE-TEX has become synonymous with being waterproof, windproof and breathable. Find out what GORE-TEX is all about and how the technology works.

Washing and waterproofing GORE-TEX garments

Learn how to care for garments with waterproof membranes so they retain their functionality for as long as possible.

GORE-TEX footwear care & waterproofing

Our step-by-step guide will help put the waterproof properties back into your GTX shoes, so you can run through puddles and wet grass again without any issues.

Washing your rain jacket properly for a longer life

You can wash a rain jacket by hand or in the washing machine. Read more about what you should consider here.

Waterproofing your rain jacket

What happens when your rain jacket no longer protects you from the rain? Learn how to waterproof your rainwear and other useful tips here.

Mending your rain jacket

Mending your rain jacket is not that difficult. With the right tips and our instructions, you too can easily repair your outdoor clothing.

Sympatex membrane

Sympatex specialises in windproof and waterproof clothing. But what lies behind the brand and its membrane technology?

Dermizax membrane

Dermizax is a membrane technology developed by a Japanese manufacturer. Read here how Dermizax works and how it differs from other membranes.

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