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Gore® Wear for Hiking and Running

You shouldn’t let the weather dictate when you go outside for a hike or run. Instead, you need clothing that can handle any conditions. From the makers of Gore-Tex waterproof breathable fabric, Gore® Wear is specifically designed to withstand the worst weather that nature can throw at you. Whether you’re hiking or running, Gore® Wear has the apparel you need to stay dry and perform your best.

Gore® Wear Hiking Apparel

Gore® Wear focuses its line of hiking and outdoor apparel on fast hiking, developing lightweight and weather resistant clothes that can keep up with you during a long day on the trails.

Fast Hiking Jackets for Men and Women

Gore® Wear’s fast hiking jackets are cut specifically to fit the bodies of men and women to provide the most comfortable, high-performance feel. Many of the jackets are constructed with a Gore-Tex waterproof breathable membrane – the ultimate standard in weather protection and breathability. In addition to the Gore-Tex line of jackets, Gore® Wear also offers softshell jackets made with a Windstopper layer to keep out a cold mountain breeze.

Fast Hiking Pants for Men and Women

Why should your legs be any less protected from the elements than your upper body? That’s the question Gore® Wear asked when the company began making hiking pants with the same Windstopper fabric found in many of its jackets. Gore® Wear’s pants are lightweight, breathable, and durable, all while being comfortable enough to wear as standalone hiking trousers rather than as shell pants.

Gore® Wear Running Apparel

Gore® Wear adapts its same focus on waterproof, breathable, and high-performance layering for running. The company offers jackets, pants, tights, shirts, and headgear to help you balance your body temperature and stay dry in any running conditions.

Gore® Wear Running Jackets

Gore Wear’s running jackets are designed with the needs of runners in mind. They’re breathable, yet waterproof thanks to included Gore-Tex fabric, and many designs include a Windstopper layer to keep the cold from blowing through your layers. Several Gore® Wear jacket designs also feature partial Gore-Tex construction, so you can keep water off your chest and shoulders without overheating.

Gore® Wear Running Tights and Pants

When it comes to running tights, pants, and shorts, Gore® Wear has a huge range of options. If you need running pants for the worst weather conditions, look for Gore® Wear’s pants with Gore-Tex and Windstopper layers. On the other hand, if you simply need high-performance pants for the shoulder seasons, Gore® Wear has you covered with full- and mid-length tights and flexible running pants.

Gore® Wear Running Headgear

Gore® Wear understands that protecting your head from the cold or keeping cool in the summer while running is just as important as layering up everywhere else. That’s why Gore® Wear offers a line of highly breathable hats and headbands as well as warming beanies with Windstopper construction.

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You could travel between multiple hiking and running shops to find the Gore® Wear products you need for your next adventure. Or you could simply shop our huge selection of Gore® Wear apparel at We make it easy to find the Gore® Wear hiking and running clothes you need and offer flexible shipping options so you can get outside in the elements.