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The Addnature
Christmas gift guide

Before looking for gifts, first unveil the outdoor personas of your friends and loved ones. Then finding the right gifts is easy.

Oh, those passionate outdoorsy people in our lives – so inspiring, yet so hard to buy for, right?

Fear not, our gift guide will help you unveil the – tongue in cheek – secret outdoor identities of the people in your life and find gifts that make them smile from ear to ear. Read on to work out which personas match your friends and loved ones.

Need a shortcut?

Is the person you're buying for too individual to be pigeonholed? Browse through all our gift ideas here at once or filter them by budget.

The comfort-craving glamper

Glampers have a different understanding of what it means to expand one’s comfort zone; for them it just means to be comfortable in another zone. Whatever you do, don’t buy them a foam sleeping mat for Christmas because the mere sight of it will give them back ache. The good news is glampers are easy to buy for.

The compulsive ‘grammer

Smartphone at the ready with the camera on three second timer because you never know when another selfie opportunity for Instagram might come along, ‘grammers enjoy exploring the urban fringes where there’s always a café nearby with wifi and pumpkin spice latte. Buy them a checkered flannel shirt and matching socks and beanie and they will include you in their final will and testament.

The enthusiastic mountain lover

Ask them about all the hikes they’ve done and we guarantee that about 90 minutes later you will come to regret it. These people positively, irritatingly, exude the outdoors and are always gunning for a trip to somewhere stunning in the mountains. They’re so enthusiastic they even wear alpine hiking boots on easy weekend strolls.

The ambitious amateur

Go out for a run with this type and they’ll turn it into a competition. They geek out on health and fitness and are always looking for a new challenge, whether at the fitness club, the climbing gym or out on the trail. They like to sweat and might curse loudly when they fail to stay in plank pose for as long as everyone else at the outdoor bootcamp class.

The eco-conscious warrior

How can you recognise one of these types? Don’t worry, they will definitely tell you! They have highly thoughtful ethical positions on many things and are at their happiest when they discover Demeter items at the local grocer. But seriously, their efforts to live in a way that’s kinder to people and planet is something we can all learn from.