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Sports Sunglasses

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Sporty Sunglasses

Sporty Sunglasses

Sporty Sunglasses for Men and Women

The sun is a challenge for any outdoor sport. Bright sunlight can not only make it hard to see, but it can also damage your eyes with prolonged exposure. Sport sunglasses are designed to help you perform your best by protecting your eyes and offering increased contrast so you can see every detail in front of you.

Choosing the Right Sporty Sunglasses

Most people are thinking about style alone when it comes to choosing a pair of sunglasses for outdoor activities. While style is a major factor in getting sporty sunglasses you’ll actually want to wear, there are a number of other factors to consider.

Sunglasses Frames

The frames are where much of the design and innovation behind a pair of sunglasses are focused. Sporty sunglasses frames should be lightweight for comfort, since heavier glasses can put pressure on your nose or ears. In addition, durability is a major concern for sporty sunglasses. Sunglasses are notoriously easy to break if they’re dropped, stepped on, or even banged against during a contact sport. To counter this, many manufacturers have introduced sunglasses frames that are designed to break apart under pressure – and to allow the pieces to be easily snapped back together afterwards.


When it comes to sunglasses lenses, there are a huge variety of choices. You can pick between a myriad of lens colours and between polarised and non-polarised lenses. Whether you need polarised lenses ultimately depends on how much time you’ll spend outside and in how bright of sunlight. In general, polarised lenses are better for your eyes if you’re outside for extended periods or in extremely bright conditions, such as on snow or water. Lens colour is also important, since different colours confer different properties. Grey or black lenses are ideal for bright, sunny days, while red or brown lenses are perfect for increasing contrast and yellow lenses are best for cloudy conditions. If you are outside in a wide variety of conditions, consider choosing sunglasses on which the lenses can be interchanged. Having the ability to interchange lenses means that you can use a single pair of sunglasses in either set of conditions and simply tailor them to fit your needs. In addition, sunglasses that allow you to interchange the lenses typically also allow you to swap in prescription lenses.

Fitting Sporty Sunglasses

Sport sunglasses are generally designed to fit either men’s or women’s faces, although there are unisex pairs as well. In any case, ensure that your sunglasses will fully cover your eyes and sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose without slipping off as you move around. Many sporty sunglasses are also constructed to wrap around your face slightly, so as to protect your eyes from sunlight coming in from the sides.

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