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Sunglasses: Eye protection for bright days
As much as we all love it when the sun has 'got its hat on', we do need to protect our eyes from too much sunlight. To this end, we stock a range of special sunglasses for outdoor, sports and leisure at Addnature. Our eyewear not only looks stylish, it also protects against direct sunlight and UV rays, usually offers a large field of vision and also shields against stray stones and branches. Innovative technologies and lenses prevent the lenses from fogging up. Particular sports place special demands on sports glasses – so make sure the glasses you pick are suitable for your favourite sport when buying them.

Sports Glasses

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Sports Glasses for Shade and Performance

Sports Glasses

Outdoor sports demand perfect visibility. On sunny days, that means cutting through glare and harsh light with a pair of high-performance sports glasses. Sporty sunglasses are designed to stand up to the rough treatment of action sportswhile also offering superior optics. Even better, you can use sporty sunglasses as your go-to pair of glasses – they may be crafted for performance, but sports glasses work just as well for casual outdoors time.

Sports Glasses Frames

Choosing the best sports glasses for your chosen activity starts with picking out the right frame. Which frame style is best for you comes down to a mix of personal preference and sport-specific demands.For example, sports like running and cycling require that your sunglasses wrap slightly around your face to help protect you from road debris. Cyclists in particular may want to consider sports glasses without a bottom or side frame,since the frame can be in your field of vision when looking behind at your competitors.More casual sports and athletes may be okay with smaller, rounded frames withless wrap. Many sports glasses with this design look more casual for wear off the field or court, but still won’t limit your field of vision or impede your performance.


Getting the right lenses for your sporty glasses is also extremely important. In general, darker coloured lenses will let less light through than lighter coloured lenses. That means that dark blue, grey, and black lenses are better for sports that are typically played in bright conditions – for example, cycling, running, baseball, and golf. Yellow, green, and light red lenses are better for sports that often involvecloudy conditions.Some sunglasses allow you to interchange lenses, which can be a major advantage if you’re outside in many different lighting conditions. If you want to add prescription lenses to a pair of sports glasses, being able to interchange lenses is essential. In addition, changing lenses can save you money if you scratch your glasses but the frame remains intact.


For most athletes, the added cost of polarised lenses is well worth it. Polarised glasses dramatically reduce glare off of surfaces, such as a road, field, or water. That not only makes it easier to see, but also enhances the protection your eyes getfrom damaging UV rays.If you need sports glasses for snow sports, polarisation is absolutely essential because of how much sunlight bounces off of snow. All glacier glasses are polarised, and they typically feature very dark lens colours to drastically reduce light transmission.

Sports Sunglasses Fit

Sports glasses are designed to be one-size-fits-all, but not every pair of glasses will fit every face. It’s important to make sure that the lenses completely cover your eyes and that the frame doesn’t limit your field of vision. On top of that, the nose and ears shouldn’t pinch at all – any discomfort when you’re wearing the glasses in a casual setting will only get worse when it comes time to play.

Sports Sunglasses at

Finding the perfect pair of sports glasses at your local outdoor store is hard – moststores simply don’t have all that many options to choose from. But at, we carry more than 1,000 different sports glasses for men, women, and children. Plus, our simple filters make it easy to hone in on the sporty or casual sunglasses that are right for you.