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Fjällräven Backpacks

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Fjällräven Backpacks to Go with You Everywhere

Fjällräven Backpacks

Since Fjällräven launched in Sweden in 1960, the company has been one of the world’s most popular backpack makers. And for good reason – Fjällräven backpacks are durable, comfortable, and can easily accommodate gear for outdoor adventure, world travel, and everyday life. The Swedish aesthetic is immediately apparent in all of Fjällräven’s packs, making these bags both unique and highly functional. Everything the company makes – especially its backpacks – is crafted with an incredible attention to detail and the belief that the gear can be iteratively improved upon.

Fjällräven Daypacks

The Fjällräven line of daypacks are based on the original Kånken daypack, which has been used all over the world since its inception in 1978. Part of the appeal of this pack is that it’s virtually indestructible, even after years of carrying heavy loads. The original Kånken daypack is sewn from Vinylon F, a hardy fibre that naturally repels water and won’t lose its waterproofing over time because there’s no coating to fade away. Newer iterations of the Kånken are made from G-1000 heavy-duty nylon for even more durability, making Fjällräven daypacks the ideal choice for the demanding traveller. It’s worth noting that you won’t find hundreds of pockets on Fjällräven daypacks. The company’s designers focus on simplicity and style, creating daypacks that can stash far more gear than you’d think at first glance. The top carry handles are a fixture on Fjällräven daypacks, and padded shoulder straps make these packs the perfect pairing for hiking, commuting, or leisure use.

Fjällräven Laptop Packs

If you need a backpack for commuting, school, or urban travel, Fjällräven laptop packs are the perfect style of daypack. These laptop bags not only offer all the storage space and comfort of Fjällräven’s classic lines, but also include padded laptop sleeves so that you can rest your computer comfortably against your back.

Fjällräven Hiking and Trekking Backpacks

Fjällräven’s founder believed that backpacks could and should be able to store more gear, more comfortably. That philosophy is nowhere more evident than in Fjällräven hiking and trekking backpacks, which are designed to handle massive loads while making you feel as if your body and pack are working together. Fjällräven trekking packs range in capacity from as little as 15 litres for day hikes to up to 85 litres for multi-day camping trips, ski tours, and round-the-world trekking adventures. Like the company’s daypacks, Fjällräven’s trekking and skiing backpacks are noticeably streamlined on the exterior, with few unnecessary pockets or compartments to distract and add weight. In addition, all Fjällräven trekking packs feature compressible tops so that the volume of the pack can be easily adjusted to fit your gear.

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