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ECCO: Conquer the wilderness

ECCO's shoes offer the perfect combination of style, elegance and comfort. The Danish manufacturer's sports and leisure shoes are unique in their quality. The majority of ECCO shoes are made of high-quality leather, but the brand also uses other innovative materials and technologies for its trail-running, hiking, active lifestyle, multi-sport and golf shoes.

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ECCO has worked on developing its FLUIDFORM™ technology for over three decades. This special process results in soft, durable soles made from liquid polymers. During the material transformation process, ECCO creates the special comfort profile by permanently 'programming' the anatomical last contours into the shoe. At the same time, the sole is permanently bonded to the high-quality upper leather. This makes the sole especially light, flexible and supple for natural, flexible movement.


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ECCO Solice Mid Shoes Zip Women toffee
ECCO Solice Mid Shoes Zip Women toffee toffee
Solice Mid Shoes Zip Women toffee
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  • Versions: EU 39
ECCO Exowrap Sandals Women sage/beige/ice flower
ECCO Exowrap Sandals Women sage/beige/ice flower sage/beige/ice flower
Exowrap Sandals Women sage/beige/ice flower
  • Versions: EU 38

Ecco shoes for men & women

Ecco is a leading manufacturer of shoes for active and style-conscious men, women and children. The aim of the company is to keep the whole family happy, feeling and looking good and extremely comfortable. Craftsmanship and the carefully researched materials used on every shoe guarantee that each Ecco shoe is the best in its class. Whether you are going for a stroll around the city, trekking through forests or in the mountains, or even in the snow, high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure that the shoes are built to last and look good for many years to come.

Ecco shoes

Ecco shoes for men and women combine style and quality

Ecco is a Danish family business, which was founded by Karl Toosbury in 1963. It produces ergonomic and stylish shoes for both sports and leisure. Karl Toosbury started manufacturing shoes from a very early age and by the age of thirty he was already running a shoe-making company in Copenhagen. His dream, however, was to create a business of his own - so he decided to give up the security of his job and move with his family to a small town called Bredebro on the west coast of Denmark to set up his own business. From that point on, his company began to grow into the well-known enterprise that it is today. Nowadays, Ecco’s popular, classic and practical shoes are internationally renowned and successfully sold around the globe. Furthermore, the Ecco brand supports sustainable production, from the design of the shoe until the finished product.

Ecco makes both the leather and shoes at its own tanneries and factories. Its global team represents over 50 nationalities and the team takes responsibility for every part of the process, from design to development, production and retail.

Ecco strives to always make the best possible products for its customers, fusing superior design, traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology. This includes innovations such as Ecco’s unique Fluidform technology, which took over 30 years to develop and involves injecting a shock-absorbing material directly into the mould of the shoe to bond the sole to the upper part, with no need for joints or sewing. The result is a shoe that is both durable and extremely comfortable. Ecco also integrates Gore-Tex membrane technology, which protects the feet from the weather while remaining breathable. Every shoe is designed to adapt to the foot, rather than the foot to the shoe, and work well in any situation or terrain.

Robust and super-soft Ecco shoes work in any setting

While Ecco shoes for men and women are comfortable and practical, this does not mean that you need to compromise on style when choosing Ecco shoes. In addition to their advanced features, Ecco shoes are created with the latest outdoor shoe trends as well as designs that stay as timeless as possible.

On the website, you will find a wide range of these shoes, boots, sandals and trainers in a selection of different designs. High-quality materials, well-thought-out design and beautiful colour combinations, in Ecco shoes, everything has been considered so that you can walk in style, wherever and whenever you want to.