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deuter began manufacturing extremely hard-wearing fabrics in Augsburg, Germany in 1898. At first, the brand mainly produced tents, which were used, among other things, on expeditions to the Himalayas. From 1968 on, deuter has produced innovative backpacks made of nylon, specialising in robust rucksacks and sleeping bags, which are market leaders thanks to their top quality.


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Most popular New products Best rating Highest price Lowest price Highest discount
deuter Futura 21 SL Backpack Women graphite/shale
deuter Futura 21 SL Backpack Women graphite/shale graphite/shale
Futura 21 SL Backpack Women graphite/shale
RRP £117.99 £109.99
free shipping
deuter Aviant Carry On 28 SL Women black
deuter Aviant Carry On 28 SL Women black black
Aviant Carry On 28 SL Women black
RRP £117.99 £109.99
free shipping
deuter Gröden 32 Backpack lava/ink
deuter Gröden 32 Backpack lava/ink lava/ink
Gröden 32 Backpack lava/ink
RRP £100.99 £94.99

Deuter Equipment for Getting Outside


Deuter is one of the most reliable names in the outdoors thanks to the company’s reputation for high-quality, durable backpacks and gear. Whether you’re backpacking, hiking, cycling, or just need a pack to get around town, Deuter’s selection of backpacks has you covered. Plus, Deuter offers a wide range of other adventure gear, from sleeping bags to travel packs, with the same attention to detail and durability.

Finding the Right Deuter Backpack

Deuter offers a huge range of backpacks that vary in size, weight, and organization. While every pack Deuter makes can be used across sports, you’ll get the most out of your backpack by choosing a pack constructed specifically for your needs.

Deuter Backpacking Backpacks

Deuter’s multi-day backpacking packs are designed to carry everything you need for hiking, camping, and being self-sufficient in the woods or mountains. Backpacking packs offer huge capacities of 50 liters or more, and many have expandable collars so that you can get more space when you need it. These packs are also constructed with a suspension system to distribute weight between your hips and shoulders, and typically offer a wide variety of pockets and compartments so you can keep track of all your gear.

Deuter Hiking and Climbing Backpacks

Deuter’s hiking and climbing packs have a lot in common with the company’s backpacking packs, but they’re much smaller – typically 30 liters or less. Hiking and climbing packs may or may not have a full suspension system and the padding in the back will be breathable but minimal to keep the weight of the pack low. When choosing a pack for hiking or climbing, be sure to consider how much space you’ll need and what types of gear you need to pack.

Deuter Cycling Backpacks

Deuter offers a selection of lightweight backpacks for cyclists. These packs are the perfect companion for a long full-day ride, giving you space to store food, extra clothing, and anything else you might need on the road or trail without getting in the way. All of Deuter’s cycling backpacks are designed to maximize breathability and comfort so you never have to worry about your back overheating.

Deuter Commuter Backpacks

Deuter’s commuter backpacks include a laptop sleeve and other organizational pockets so that you can carry everything you need for a day at work or school. These backpacks are designed with comfort in mind, since weight isn’t typically an issue – you’ll find well-padded back panels and cushioned shoulder straps on Deuter’s day packs. Keep in mind that while most Deuter commuter packs are water resistant, they don’t offer the same water protection as backpacks designed for hiking.

Deuter Travel Packs

To help you keep organized, Deuter created a series of travel packs and bags that fit inside a larger backpack. These packs range from simple, inexpensive luggage organizers that help you separate different clothes and gear to waterproof dry sacks that will keep your stuff dry even when submerged. Deuter also has wallets and hip bags that are perfect companions for urban travel.

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